"Counting On" fans know that Amy Duggar rebelled against the Duggar family dress and behavior codes for girls. Back during "19 Kids and Counting," she greatly annoyed Jim Bob for not playing by the rules. Now married for three years to Dillon King, there's still no sign of a baby. In a report by Radar Online back in June, they noted she said, "We’ve taken time to travel and get to know each other and just wanted a very strong foundation before kids."

'Counting On' Duggar girls rush to make babies

The Duggar family tradition is that girls should marry young and produce a baby as soon as possible.

In fact, it took Jinger Vuolo a year before their pregnancy announcement. That unusual length of time surprised "Counting On" fans and some speculated she "took the pill." However, Jinger's rebellion against the Duggar rules pales in comparison to Amy. Simply, Amy plans not to rush fast baby breeding. In a newer interview with Radar this week, she explained that a baby is still not her top priority.

Previously, Radar reported that Amy and Dillon plan a boutique in Springdale. The store that opens in December this year, brings some "low-cut" clothing, rompers and bell sleeves to the community. Ditching rustic, she's going for upmarket style at affordable prices. That's yet another act likely to get "Counting On" patriarch Jim Bob puckering up in a snit.

Amy's not interested in a baby until the boutique works out. She told Radar Online, "I think it’s boutique, and then a baby."

Amy Duggar wants a life before babies

Amy isn't averse to a family at all. In fact, she noted that babies are on their minds, but first she wants to be in a place where they have a stable foundation. Home, business and a strong marriage counts for a lot.

There's no way Amy will pop out kids just to stay in line with family feelings or religious beliefs. Radar quoted her as saying that she wants to "be settled." Another big thing for the former "19 Kids and Counting" star, is the need to have a strong foundation with her husband.

She elaborated, saying that when her baby "turns 18-years-old," she doesn't want to be in the position where she has to learn "how to love her husband all over again." Given her close upbringing in the Duggar clan, one can assume she's seen those issues in the breeding-babies family.

Did Amy 'diss' the Duggar lifestyle?

Radar Online questioned if what Amy said was actually a "diss" on her Duggar cousins. She didn't mention the girls who recently gave birth. Joy-Anna, Jinger, and Kendra all produced babies this year. Perhaps it's not a "diss" as such, but more a relief to know she escaped the cloistering and tight management of female behavior. Making her own choices is a luxury most Duggar girls don't experience.

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