''This Is Us'' returned with the Episode 9 of Season 3 as the show reached its mid-season finale. According to usatoday.com, Episode 9 was the last one to be aired in 2018 as the show is set to take a few weeks off only to return on January 15. The latest episode further pursued the whole Vietnam investigation Kevin and Zoe have been up to. On that side, a major twist emerged as Kevin's investigation led to him learning that his uncle Nicky didn't die in Vietnam. He was not on the list of war dead. The episode ends with a mysterious man checking through a Nicholas Pearson's mail.

As revealed in the episode, Jack Pearson only presumed that his brother died, but no actual body was recovered from the river.

Will Nicholas Pearson reunite with his family?

As things stand at the moment, it's only fair to assume that Nicholas Pearson kept no contact with his family. Although it's unclear how he returned back from Vietnam, that letter's address clarifies one thing: Nicky survived the war in Vietnam and, according to a Washingtonpost.com article, he currently lives in Bradford, Pennsylvania.

At this time, as Kevin's investigation got further than he ever expected, he still has no clue if his uncle is still alive. With no bond between them, it's hard to see them coming together any time soon.

This bittersweet conclusion has a bright side though, as Kevin's investigation actually led to something specific. As precious pieces of information were dug up throughout the process, one could call Kevin's endeavor a success.

The show will return in January and an Episode 10 promo is already out. Still, it has no further clues on this whole Nicholas Pearson twist.

Nicholas Pearson being alive could be the show's biggest twist, and a whole new door has been opened.

Jack Pearson died without knowing his brother was still alive

Taking in the latest major twist of the show does nothing but to give birth to an emotional idea. Jack had to bear the memory of his brother for so long, maybe blaming himself for his death.

Given the extraordinary circumstances that led to Jack's death, it's easy to get overwhelmed with emotions at the thought that the war in Vietnam separated Jack and Nicky for good, shaping their lives so differently.

At the start of the season, we were promised a lot of Vietnam action. The mid-season finale is the tipping out of the third season as multiple narrative paths are now possibles.

Assuming that Kevin won't drop his efforts on the matter, we might be witnessing more twists and turns on that part of Pearson family history.