Former TLC reality stars Jon Gosselin and his ex-wife Kate Gosselin are expected to make their December 4 court date, according to Café Mom and US Weekly. Each parent is seeking custody of their son Collin, 14, who has been living away from the family in a residential facility. Mom Kate informed the media that her son has special needs, which require treatment. In the process of telling media about her son and his alleged issues, she stripped away the privacy he was, otherwise, entitled to experience as a juvenile.

Daughter Hannah already living with father

Hannah Gosselin, also one of the ex-couple’s sextuplets, has been living with father Jon for several months now. After Jon was awarded custody, Kate wanted the court to reverse its ruling but she filed the necessary legal documents too late. The court stood firm on hits decision to present custody of their daughter to Jon.

Wheels set in motion for custody of son in October

Jon filed for custody of Collin on October 24. In the paperwork filed with the court and that US Weekly reportedly reviewed, his legal team expressed Jon’s belief that it is in his son’s “best interest” to live with his dad following his “release” from a facility for children with “special needs,” as Kate already told the world.

Barber described Collin as well and happy

Collin is “very intelligent,” according to a source who spoke with US Weekly. The publication’s source is reportedly “close to Jon.” The person relaying information about Collin might be Jon’s friend and barber, Eric Rodriguez. Father and son saw Rodriguez for a haircut during one of their visits to Mike & Joe’s Barber Salon, where Rodriguez works.

After Jon and Collin were at the barbershop, which is located in Jon’s hometown, Rodriguez told media that Collin appeared to be doing well. Collin was also described as happy to be visiting his father and sister.

No sign that dad visits with additional children

Aside from Collin and Hannah, there has not been any outward sign or public indication that Jon has visited with the other children that he and Kate share.

Twins Mady and Cara, 18, have spoken out in the past about the rift in the relationship with their dad. As adults, each daughter can decide whether to speak with or see Jon without a court needing to hear out any type of legal argument.

It is an open question if Jon might eventually pursue custody of his additional sons and daughters: Aaden, Joel Alexis, and Leah. For now, though, it is clear that he wants Collin living with him after he leaves the “facility,” where Kate placed him.

Parents should set aside feuding

That the Gosselins’ children have experienced a great deal that played out before cameras and in the news, it will be excellent for Collin if the court makes its determination about where he will live without it causing a public feud between Jon and Kate.

The ex-pair’s sextuplets are only four years from becoming adults. Their time as teens should be when they are hitting their milestones, such as dating and driving, without the worry that their parents fighting could overshadow their momentous events.

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