While Hugh Jackman hung up his claws as Wolverine as part of the X-Men franchise, he has begun speaking out about his experiences as the beloved comic book superhero. According to Screen Rant, Jackman had said that "X-Men" Director Bryan Singer banned comics on the set of their films. Jackman first appeared as Wolverine in the original X-Men film in 2000.

Singer believed that bringing comics onto the set might alter the dimensional characters he was trying develop on screen. Prior to "X-Men" in 2000, comic book films weren't quite as respected as they have become in today's world.

Over the years, moviegoers were witnesses to standout comic book adaptations like "The Rocketeer," and Tim Burton's "Batman." Superhero films were mostly seen as throwaway films for kids.

Bryan Singer took the superhero genre to new heights

Singer's "X-Men" film changed the conversation, and superhero Movies entered into a new era. This was all impacted by how the film's original source material was accepted on set. MTV News has said that Singer's decision was because he wanted to take comic book characters seriously and develop them as three-dimensional. Singer said that some believe comics are just kid's reading material.

Hugh Jackman has compared comic books to contraband. Jackman came clean and admitted that people would slide them under his door.

Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige even slipped Jackman some comics, leading them to become close friends. Jackman credits Feige's work on X-Men for the way he brought Wolverine to life through his career.

Singer was strict when it came to keeping his vision in place

Some fans may be surprised by this decision by Singer because many comic book fans expect actors to be very familiar with their character's history in the books.

This has been done by numerous actors and actresses portraying superheroes, including Brie Larson (Captain Marvel) and "Logan" director James Mangold. Mangold came out and said that future X-Men movies do not need to connect to any previous films.

Working with his own vision for the X-Men franchise, Singer tamed down some of the characters, making them less powerful than their original comic book versions, including Rogue, Storm, and Jean.

Singer's vision has paid off massively, as Marvel is working on the upcoming "Dark Phoenix" and "The New Mutants." "Dark Phoenix" enters theaters June 7th, 2019.

Jackman later discussed while he loved playing Wolverine, it took a toll on him physically. To play Wolverine, Jackman trained for months before filming started. Hugh Jackman has even said that he is open to playing any other characters that they believe would fit him.