Everyone who follows “Vanderpump Rules” star Jax Taylor on social media knows he has a serious love of Taco Bell. He also likes to pack away the candy corn, and not to mention a drink or more here and there. But even with his favorite foods and drink, Jax Taylor is taking his commitment to shed the extra pound super-seriously. He has lost 30 pounds. Bravo pointed out that his weight loss is in prep for his wedding in Kentucky.

Bravo star hopes to look back one day and say to kids that he was ‘hot’

Jax did not just shed the weight because he wants to be prepped for his day as the groom.

He seems to be motivated, as well, by vanity, according to Bravo. He is not hiding anything about his real reason for dropping the pounds. He told US Weekly at the People’s Choice Awards that he hopes to kick back with his children, reflecting on the photos of his wedding day in some 20 years. When he’s a “fatso,” he told the magazine, he wants to say that he was “hot!”

While Jax might make light of how he plans to handle the future, kids and years from his wedding day are still some time away. Currently, both Jax and Brittany are committed to their health and fitness, US Weekly also reported. Jax, 39, and his bride-to-be, Brittany, 29, are eating better and working out together.

The couple is quite physically active, even going to classes in Hollywood.

Jax said that they are aiming to live a healthier and better life. Brittany pretty much echoed Jax’s dedication toward fitness. She stated that they are “ready to be the best of us yet for the wedding,” adding, “I just want to be so happy, so healthy.”

Brittany predicts wedding will be the ‘perfect day’

Brittany further told US Weekly that their wedding will be the “perfect day.” Jax assisted in making sure the day starts as his fiancé dreamed since she was a young girl.

Her ideal wedding venue is the Kentucky Castle.

Jax not only locked in the site, but the couple will also have the castle for three days after they exchange their vows. They plan to marry in June of 2019. The location is close to Brittany’s family, which means it is all the more possible that more of her relatives will attend.

Bride and bridesmaids tight-lipped about details

Brittany has also chosen at least two of her bridesmaids, according to The Knot. Kristen Doute and Scheana Shay are definitely in the wedding party. Brittany has not shared with the public whether she has selected her maid of honor. If she has, she is keeping the information hush-hush, at least for now.

If Scheana knows who Brittany might have also asked to be bridesmaids, she certainly is not saying. She wants Brittany to let people know when she feels ready and not steal any of the thunder from her friend’s big day.

Most important choice, wedding dress, is secret from Jax

Brittany has made the most important choice for her life-changing day, which will pretty much be a star in its own right at the ceremony.

She has picked her dress. There is no sense is asking her to divulge the details about her wedding dress. She wants Jax to find out about her dress when he sets his eyes on her as she walks down the aisle, advancing toward him on their special day.

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