Sometimes it is not easy knowing what, when, and whether to post on social media. Jill Duggar Dillard does seem shy about sharing milestones of her life with her fans and social media followers – even while knowing that there are detractors within the ranks of onlookers.

Duggar daughter appears happy in her relationship

While many followers have made their objections to Derick’s stance on sexual orientation quite well-known, it does appear that Jill is still happy with her choice in a lifelong partner. At the same time, Derick’s love for her seems reciprocal.

Look, anyone who can overlook eating so much creamed soups in a cornucopia of recipes has to love the other person to keep eating the can-borne foods, has taste bud challenges, or is a really good actor. Nah, they love each other.

Jill and Derick appear accepting of each other

Like many couples, Jill and Derick appear to accept each other – flaws and all. Just because a wide variety of people can quite accept the relationship that evolved from the principle of courtship, it does not mean that they are not a good match for one another. For the folks who staunchly object to their way of life, just be thankful it is not your life. They do seem to find joy in their union.

Meeting in Nepal happened five years ago

Jill recently shared on Instagram that she and Derick reached the five-year mark from when they first met in Nepal. Surely, Duggar Family fans must remember their meeting. Jill and her dad, Jim Bob, traveled two days so that they could finally meet face-to-face in 2013, OK! Magazine reported.

Courting, love, and marriage blossomed

Remember those days that Jill and Derick met and got better acquainted before Derick popped the question to Jim Bob? Not “that” question but the one when he asked Jim Bob if he could court Jill.

In Duggar family tradition, that’s the stage when young love either blossoms or it falls flat.

Courting, as the various Duggar family members have explained throughout the years, is when the two prospective mates get to know each other’s hearts.

Dad played match-maker

Maybe the time in Nepal was sweet to some but possibly awkward to others seeing Jim Bob play match-maker and minder – to prevent any hanky-panky, just in case either one had any thoughts of getting too close. Let’s face it, it’s like former President Jimmy Carter conveyed eons ago about feeling lust in his heart but…. Well, the important thing for Jill’s dad was to make certain no one did anything to break the rules of courtship. (Gads, cannot even think about it without visions of Jim Bob possibly dancing into their thoughts.)

Couple currently has two sons

A week after the couple met, they were officially courting.

They were engaged by March 2014, In Touch Weekly noted. It’s been five years since they first met and they now have two young sons, Israel and Sam. Cute little boys! (Maybe Derick sneaks them some fast food once in a while when the canned-soup recipes seem like an option rather than a must eat more of it too soon.)

Lacking recipes might be considered a shortcoming

The couple’s relationship weathered the homophobic comments Derick made about TLC star Jazz Jennings, his social media bigotry that targeted about Burkus and his partner, and TLC having terminated any appearance of association with Derick. Aside from trolls pouncing on nearly everything Jill does, it seems her most obvious shortcoming might be having a lack of recipes in her arsenal.

Wait-and-see is all everyone can do to ‘see what the future holds’

When the pair dines out, even their critics would be hard-pressed to find photos of the duo not seated side-by-side. That is how they prefer to share a meal out, instead of being seated across from one another. Now, who hasn’t been in the type of relationship when that didn’t happen? Hmm. It’s their marriage and, most of all, their preference. As In Touch remarked, “we’ll have to see what the future holds for them!”

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