Apparently, the last chapter of the Tournament of Power arc for the "Dragon Ball Super" manga found its way online ahead of its release and it leaked a whole lot of new information and comic panels, from the next arc, not yet seen on the anime. Fans thought that the series might end or get rebooted once the Tournament of Power was over because Goku and Vegeta are almost "immortal" with their current power levels, but it looks like there is a new enemy waiting for them in the next storyline.

The Galactic Patrol Prisoner arc

Last week, we got some leaks about how the Daikaioh is going to return to the series, even though he got absorbed by Buu, so fans thought that there might be some sort of time-traveling involved in the next arc.

However a set of new leaks have surfaced and they clear all the confusion that fans had about the next adventure of Goku.

The story of the new arc was posted by @Herms98 who then translated it from "Dragon Ball Super" manga chapter 42 leaks. According to him, the story begins after the events of "Dragon Ball Super: Broly" (seems like they skipped the whole Broly arc from the manga). Goku and Vegeta are training as usual when Bulma passes along a message from Mr. Satan that a mysterious group of people is trying to kidnap Buu from his house. Goku and Vegeta rush to Mr. Satan's house and find that the group of mysterious people is loading the (still sleeping) Buu onto a familiar-looking spaceship.

The leader of this groups seems to recognize the Saiyans and quickly knocks them out with an anesthesia gun. When Goku and Vegeta wake up, they find themselves in the Galactic Patrol headquarters, with Jaco. The person who ordered the kidnapping turns out to be Merus, the number one elite patrolman of the Galatic Patrol who is in charge of 104 districts.

Merus explains that a prisoner has escaped from the galactic prison and that they need the help of a very specific person in that matter. That "specific" person is the Daikaioh that is still sleeping inside of Buu.

When to expect the new series?

So far, there is no official word about the release of the next story in the series, but we might get more information once the manga is officially released on 21 November.

As for the anime, we still have to wait for the new movie to come out and it will probably be followed by teasers for this upcoming arc.

"Dragon Ball Super: Broly" will be released in Japan on December 14, 2018. Funimation will also be releasing the movie in the United States and Canada on January 16, 2019.