"Counting On" is a spin-off of the hit show "19 Kids and Counting" that was canceled by TLC. John-David and Abbie Duggar were married in Oklahoma, with a thousand guests. His twin sister Jana was even a bridesmaid at the wedding. Weddings are a blissful time. John-David is the sixth Duggar to get married out of the nineteen kids. John-David and Abbie didn't follow Duggar tradition by getting hitched in the same church as the rest. They chose their own path in Oklahoma, where Abbie's family resides.

Wedding details are here

Like any married couple, they have plans for the future.

They believe strongly about including missions in their marriage. Mission work is a big part of their life. It is their passion and allows them to give back to the community. Life is full of adventures and theirs are just beginning. Despite being on "Counting On", they are able to have the unique wedding of their dreams, which doesn't happen for everyone. They achieved just that. They seem like the perfect pair.

Marriage is a sacred bond between two people. John and Abbie Duggar have that bond. Even their ceremonial vows weren't traditional. They put their own spin on things when it came to their wedding. As a couple, they didn't want a traditional wedding, they wanted to be different and did just that.

Their wedding wasn't anything traditional, especially with their reception in an airplane hanger. Unique at its finest. John-David and his lovely bride took a different route for their reception, an airplane hanger. How cool is that? This unique approach gave their guests a memory to treasure. "Counting On" has captured their beautiful ceremony on film, a moment that is now forever cherished.

Their future plans revealed

They were married with her family in tow, with her father walking her down the aisle and giving her away. Even though the couple was married in Oklahoma, they have chosen to make their home in Arkansas. Sadly, she will not be living near her family, although she will not be too far from them. Their family is very important to both John-David Duggar and his wife Abbie.

With them living in Arkansas, they are both able to be close to both sides of their families. It's a win-win solution. In any marriage, compromise is very important. John-David and his newlywed bride achieved that with their upcoming move to Arkansas, which is a big step in their married life together.

On November 27, you can see their wedding on TLC. They will be airing a big special even though there isn't a season of "Counting On" airing at the moment.