Dishin' on the Duggars -- the podcast -- is another way for fans to get to know more about the Duggars. This comes out on In Touch Weekly. They just recently had a wedding in the family and there isn't much going on in their neck of the woods. In this podcast episode, they decided to switch things up a bit by bringing something new to the table. They played a trivia game so fans could find out more about the Duggars. No Duggars are on the podcast, but instead, the hosts are playing against each other.

Duggar info comes out on podcast

Their host Colleen doesn't know how extreme the Duggar Family is about things.

Trivia is a way to have fun in the studio plus they were excited to play the game. Chelsey, who they invited on the show, prepared herself by researching the Bible and the Duggar family. She wanted to make sure that she had a chance to win this game.

In the trivia game, they revealed the Duggars do not have father-daughter dances. It is just one of the strict family rules Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar has in their family for their 19 kids because the Bible strongly influenced how they raised their children. Family rules are strict and crazy to outsiders. The hosts had an acceptable laugh regarding the father-daughter dance. They couldn't understand how lines would be crossed during such an event along with finding it somber the Duggar girls are not able to experience this wonderful time with their fathers.

Duggars also expect kids to respect parents

They asked if respect your mother and father was one of the Ten Commandments. It isn't, although it can go either way as described. Even though it is not one of the commandments, it is a strict rule in the Duggar home.

The crazy, strict rules of the Duggars are what they go by along with what they should live by.

If one of them is broken, it's permitted because forgiveness is asked. The questions during the trivia go in depth as to who touched the waist during a courtship. Josiah and Lauren Duggar were the ones who committed this act. It was caught on film, however, the hand on the waist was an innocent gesture. He was helping her down from a tank that she had climbed up on and was having a bit of trouble getting down from.

This episode explores different aspects of the Duggar lives with their strict rules which are a Biblical influence.

As everyone knows, they also following courting rules. There is no kissing before your wedding day. They also always have a chaperone with them when they go places with their significant other before marriage.

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