Josh Duggar, formerly on the TLC reality show “19 Kids & Counting,” filed a lawsuit against the Arkansas city of Springdale, as well as Washington County. The ex-star claims that he has been through “emotional distress,” the Celebrity Insider reported. Make no mistake about it, the source of the former star’s alleged distress did not evolve from having molested four of his sisters. Rather, his purported distress derived from authorities who “illegally” released the fact that he molested his siblings, Duggar asserts.

City calls claims ‘absurd’

Springdale considers Duggar’s claims “absurd,” according to Radar Online.

Okay, that is not the extent of how the city interprets the suit. His contentions make no sense, according to the city, which is asking a judge to kick the lawsuit to the curb by totally dismissing Duggar’s lawsuit. Springdale filed its request on October 19.

The complaint Duggar filed is not his first attempt at suing Springdale. He attempted having a federal court weigh his claims, but his suit was tossed out by a judge. In brief, the ex-reality star is stating that he believed he was entitled to privacy that authorities violated by releasing documents that noted Duggar’s history, one that includes having molested four siblings.

At the same time as expecting privacy, Duggar noted in his suit that he is somewhat of a celebrity. Huh?

Duggar contradicts himself

Quite possibly, Springdale is making much more sense in its belief that Duggar is contradicting himself in his lawsuit than Duggar has asserted. He cannot call himself a celebrity, on one hand, and demand privacy, too.

It does not work that way. Especially when the Duggars family presents itself to the public as upholding conservative Christian morals and values.

Authorities did not overstep boundaries

Molestation does not exactly reflect upstanding behavior, which made the transgressions in Duggar’s past both notable and newsworthy.

Besides, the city of Springdale did not act in a manner that conflicted with Duggar’s ideas about privacy. He did. His past was detailed in his record, which the city contends was obtained by a magazine. Whoops.

Expected officials to dump record of past

Okay, one approach to having his case decided by a court may not be faring very well. Try a two-pronged effort. Make the claim that authorities should have expunged his record when he turned 21. That is what the Celebrity Insider reported that Duggar expected. Since when are authorities automatically or systematically obliged to help obliterate a person’s record of wrongdoing? Get real.

While the city did not have a mandate to destroy records reflecting less than honorable conduct committed by people, it appears that Duggar wanted his record to vanish.

His history does not stand up to the values that he represented himself as respecting. When news of the molestation became public, his pure and wholesome façade fell to the wayside.

TLC dropped the Duggars’ family show

TLC viewers were not accepting that Jim Bob’s and Michelle’s eldest son acted in a manner that was consistent with Christian morals. The network cut Duggar loose.

The family’s reality show was also nuked. The result was a spin-off, “Counting On,” principally featuring the married Duggar daughters and their families. Much better than having to see the face of a molester season after season, that is for sure. If Duggar has encountered emotional distress, it stemmed from his actions and for which he cannot pass the source off as authorities encroaching on his privacy as a celebrity.

Unlike their brother, Jill Duggar Dillard and Jinger Duggar Vuolo still have a legion of fans and social media followers. When trolls act out online, however, it is probably in the women's interest to shrug off the mean and negative comments and make sure they have thick skin.

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