The city of Springdale, Arkansas, filed court papers requesting that a judge toss out a lawsuit filed by former TLC reality star Josh Duggar. The October 19 filing indicates that Duggar is self-contradictory in the suit, claiming that he is a celebrity but his privacy was violated.

The juxtaposition of claims is interesting, to say the least. Along with Celebrity Insider and Radar Online, several media outlets reported on the news. Now, Radar Online has broken news with another facet of the legal manoeuvres happening in Washington County, Arkansas.

Radar reported on October 26 that the city is seeking a “protective order” from Duggar in an effort to halt his request for documents under discovery requests.

City wants a judge to rule on pending request

Springdale authorities actually assert that there is already a motion in-play that a judge has, yet, to resolve: The request that Duggar’s lawsuit gets thrown out of court. Duggar seeks to hold authorities in the city legally liable (which would entail a money payout) because the public learned that he reportedly molested four of his siblings, along with a babysitter.

Freedom of Information Act makes ex-star unable to deny past

The news about Duggar’s past surfaced after In Touch Weekly obtained the records by filing under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).

Duggar finds it wrong that the city did not purge paperwork relevant to his conduct as a juvenile.

It was actually criminal conduct for which Duggar could have been held to answer for in court, but, as it turns out, Jim Bob and Michelle entrusted a now-disgraced law enforcement officer to help address the alleged criminal acts that their son committed.

Monumental fact of the lawsuit overlooked

An aspect of the lawsuit and subsequent filings is that an essential, monumental fact is being overlooked. That Duggar is claiming he experienced emotional distress after the public learned of his alleged past transgressions already creates uneasiness but more important and even disconcerting is that Duggar wanted the documentation expunged because it would have possibly enabled him to lie about his past.

The details are spelt out in the suit Duggar filed. His complaint states verbatim that if documents relating to the alleged molestation of his sisters (and the babysitter), then, “he could attest for all future legal intents and purposes, that the underlying conduct had never occurred.” How in the world would the Duggars’ eldest son reconcile obfuscating the truth with conservative Christian values?

Disturbing revelation in claims made in court docs

That’s one point the suit makes, followed by a more disturbing revelation: Josh Duggar would have been enabled to absolutely lying about the past if only the city authorities had not complied with the FOIA and released documents to a magazine. But because In Touch did publish the information, and viewers of a popular TLC reality show did not lavish Duggar with words of forgiveness, he cannot “attest” that “records did not exist, and that said facts were untrue.”

History conflicts with the ability to cover-up the truth

Not volunteering the information is one thing, but feeling wronged because he cannot counter the claims because documents were released is so far off from extending a modicum of repentance.

He wants money from the city. Uh-huh, he sure does. He wants monetary damages for his suffering.

The city of Springdale should be thanked for not slighting In Touch’s request for the production of documents. Duggar’s aim, it appears, would have been to continue cloaking his past under the guise of conservatism and religion, while he persisted in, let’s say, joining things such as Ashley Madison.

Duggars made sure no criminal record resulted

Duggar is distressed because authorities did not expunge records, the lawsuit asserts. Well, there was no juvenile criminal record that was released. The Duggars made sure that Josh was not processed through the legal system, where he would have been expected to answer just like any other juvenile offender accused of a crime.

In an ideal world, the Washington County judge will read through the veneer and boot the case Duggar filed straight to the curb. He violated other human beings, his own siblings, and sought to lie if ever asked in the absence of the documentation being available. That is so wrong on so many levels.

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