Thomas Ravenel and Ashley Jacobs, ex-stars from Bravo’s “Southern Charm,” were sighted with another couple, on October 7 in Charleston, South Carolina, dining at the Obstinate Daughter restaurant, which is located on Sullivan Island, according to the Daily Mail (UK) and People.

The on and off again duo left the Bravo reality show as accusations that Ravenel’s former nanny made about him were just about to heat up. Three days before being arrested in South Carolina on September 25, Ravenel (also known to fans and viewers as TRav) went on Twitter to spew insults at nearly everyone who was closest to him during his stint on “Southern Charm.” Jacobs, who is TRav’s sometimes girlfriend, was not excluded from his tirade.

TRav’s Twitter rants are becoming commonplace

Ravenel’s social media ramblings and rants are becoming endemic with his use of networking platforms. Well, it is his time and on his accounts. If hurling vitriol about people is his manner of displaying charm, there is no need for him to give it even a thought that viewers and media will probably see his comments. He makes it so easy for unfavorable talk about him to circulate online.

Former reality show cast members pour on PDA

According to People, TRav and Jacobs behaved affectionately toward one another during their “night out” while they were sitting at the bar, along with the other couple.

TRav even wrapped “an arm around” Jacobs.

The ex-couple from Bravo reportedly appear comfortable in one another’s company when they are together in public. People reported that Ravenel and Jacobs packed on “the PDA” when they dined together in September after their breakup.

According to a source the publication cited, “If they are still split, you never would have known.”

Duo dined out post-Ravenel’s arrest

The pair’s reunion dinner follows the assault and battery allegations that law enforcement leveled against the former reality star, Ravenel. He faces the criminal complaint that he attacked his former nanny, known only as “Dawn” in U.S.

media. The accusing nanny’s last name was published, however, by the Daily Mail, which evidently does not shield alleged victims from disclosure to a gossip-thirsty public.

No point in releasing last name of alleged victim

Just as Ravenel has not been convicted of anything, in the reported incident that authorities acted on in making the arrest, there is also no indication that his former nanny has exaggerated or embellished her account. Therefore, there really is no point in subjecting Ravenel’s accuser to the potential for public intrusion, scrutiny, or possible ridicule, since the daughter of a different woman who accused TRav of assault has publicly called attention to the veracity of the nanny’s criminal complaint.

There is no point on releasing her last name.

TRav cannot ignore court’s conditions for his jail release

While Jacobs appears supportive of TRav during the days of his legal woes, he cannot overlook the facts: He is out of jail on his own recognizance (and has to stay out of trouble), he cannot leave the state of South Carolina, he had to surrender his passport, and he must have no contact with the nanny. Also important is the fact that Bravo kicked him to the curb following his arrest, even though Ravenel claimed to have quit the show in a rant that preceded his tirade on September 22.

Ravenel and Jacobs have not delved into the status of their current friendship or relationship. Quite possibly, there is no accurate way to define their being together, other than with the cliché that “It’s complicated.”

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