Jai Rodriguez adopted a Pug Queen dog via the Vanderpump Dog Foundation and posted a picture up on Twitter. Actually, he posted up three or four photos. It really looks like his new friend, Rico, has stolen his heart already. Jai totally made @pugqueen's day, who happily commented on his post. For those who don't know The Pug Queen, her Facebook and Instagram profiles say she is a girl with "a mission to change the world 1 pug at a time. Mom to 5 pugs. Pug Rescuer. Foster mom. Volunteer. Activist.

No pug left behind on my watch!"

Jai Rodriguez thrilled The Pug Queen with his Insta-post

The Pug Queen and Lisa Vanderpump's Dog Foundation follow each other on Instagram, so straight away, The Pug Queen sent them heart emoji's. Jai captioned his post with, "Losing Nemo was rough but finding my New Mexican buddy Rico was truly a gift from heaven. Thank you to the @thepugqueen and @vanderpumpdogs for all the great work you do. Rico was rescued in Mexico by @thepugqueen and brought to @vanderpumpdogs a few days ago. He’s the perfect fit for our family. Underbite and all."

The Pug Queen was so delighted, that her comment all in caps, made everyone on the social media site feel happy for her, the new dog Rico, and Jai.

"OMG YOU ADOPTED MY RICO @officialjairodriguez?!!!! I AM SO HAPPY I COULD CRY!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! I’M GOING TO DM YOU! ❤️❤️." The adoption happened about a week ago, but the Vanderpump Foundation sent out their official congrats in their tweet over the weekend. Their post noted, "Thanks to @officialjairodriguez for supporting The Vanderpump Dog Foundation and adopting his new #Vanderpup, Rico at our rescue center!

#VanderpumpDogs #AdoptDontShop #CongratulationsRico."

The Vanderpump post got some love back from Jai

Jai gave some love and thanks back to Vanderpump Dogs, saying that they helped him a lot and the little dog with the overbite already feels like part of the family. Since Jai got Rico, people asked him questions, like how he was getting along with Cookie the cat?

To that, Jai replied that at the moment they are ignoring each other. Fan reaction was very sweet, with many of them liking the fact that he adopted a rescue dog.

By Tuesday, it sure looked liked Rico had settled right in. Jai posted up a Tuesday greeting from his dog and the photo showed him sitting on a chair looking right at home. Pug lovers commented how cute and adorable the little doggie was. By this weekend, Jai was still into his little fellow. He posted a photo showing them lying down together. Later in his Sunday post, he said he had done the dog laundry, all the bedding too.

Rico the pug found a nice new home with Jai

The photos that Jai posted up show that both of them smile a lot these days.

It looks like Rico found a nice new home with the Reality TV star, actor and musician. That happy look was so beautifully illustrated in the post below.

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