The latest updates and spoilers for the live-action "Venom" film reveal new details about its PG-13 rating and post-credits scenes. Director Ruben Fleischer told Comic Book that the upcoming Sony and Marvel film will have two post-credits scenes that will set-up other "Spider-Man" spin-off projects.

Fleischer and executive producers, Avi Arad and Matt Tomach, also confirmed that the movie was intended to have a PG-13 rating. The film takes place in a universe separated from the Marvel Cinematic Universe and it stars "Mad Maxx: Fury Road" actor Tom Hardy, as Eddie Brock, a journalist investigating the Life Foundation after hearing rumors of illegal human experiments with alien symbiotes.

Post-credits scenes confirmed

According to Comic Book, director Ruben Fleischer confirmed that "Venom" will have two post-credits scenes. While the details of the scenes were not revealed in full detail, comic book fans were not surprised by the decision given that the film takes place within the Marvel universe. However, "Venom's" post-credits could set up Sony Pictures other projects such as Morbius the living vampire, Silver Sable and Black Cat, or a potential crossover with Spider-Man. Sony wanted to continue their own version of the Marvel universe by catering the supporting cast of the web-slinger.

R-rated version not happening anytime soon

Despite Fleischer claims that an R-rated cut of "Venom" will not be ruled out, he and Sony explained that the movie was already intended to be PG-13 in the first place.

Executive producer Avi Arad told Comic Book (via Screen Rant) that kids loved the Venom character so much that pushing through with it will be very difficult for them.

"To me, R is not a consideration. Can you get away with not R so that other people can see? So that younger people can see?" Arad said. "To define what Venom is as violence.

He's not. He's the lethal protector, which is a very different thing. We want to be really true to the comics."

Cast member Tom Hardy was hoping for an R-rated sequel to the movie, which he shared during his interview with MTV International. He also pleads to the Marvel Studios to put Eddie Brock in the MCU and pick a fight with the Avengers.

Hardy also defended the PG-13 rating of the film, stating that his kids love the anti-hero and they were a big help in understanding Eddie's character and Venom's mannerisms during production. "Venom" will premiere in cinemas on October 5.