Beautiful Erin Krakow of “When Calls the Heart” frequently invites her loyal followers and the fans of her mega-popular Hallmark Channel drama to see a glimpse of the world she loves. The actress takes time out to share sunsets, sunrises, and other scenes of breathtaking nature, including window views from her commutes between family in Florida, home in California, and shooting “When Calls the Heart” in Vancouver. The nature-conscious Krakow also loves glimpses from the seasonal harvests and recently posted images of crisp, just-picked apples. She makes a point to remember birthdays and special occasions for all her classmates, from her classroom as teacher Elizabeth Thornton, to playful moments between scenes with veteran co-stars, including, of course, her Hope Valley sisterhood with Lori Loughlin as Abigail, and Pascale Hutton, who portrays Rosemary.

It's always fun for any leading lady to give faithful fans a tease of what's to come in a future season, but the view that Erin Krakow shared from her script on Sunday, September 30, on social media might have given some fans pause and deepened the curiosity of others. At any rate, the star certainly knows how to pique the interest of her public.

Three little words

“When Calls the Heart” became a runaway hit for the Hallmark Channel from its 2014 debut, as the family-friendly drama drew fans of all ages to the lives and challenges of the people of Coal Valley, whose lives were devastated by a tragic mine disaster. Desperate for a teacher for their children, the mothers of the community sacrificed to pay the salary for the beginning teacher, Elizabeth, who showed the same kind of personal resolve as those parents.

She surrendered her life of privilege and pushed through the daily hardships of life in the Northwest Territory, forging friendships she never imagined.

Viewers became captivated by the courtship between Elizabeth and Mountie Jack Thornton, portrayed by Daniel Lissing, and deeply felt bereaved by the loss of his character when he made the “very personal decision” to leave the drama last spring.

The close of Season 5 for “When Calls the Heart” brought the fondest dream and the darkest vision for fans, as Jack and Elizabeth exchanged wedding vows in a profoundly personal ceremony and were together just weeks before the Mountie was heroically killed while trying to spare his men. Hearties did get to hear those three cherished words of “I love you,” between Jack and Elizabeth, and also have the promise of a child to carry the legacy of love between the couple.

Erin Kraków had three words to share on Twitter, quite different from “I love you,” but nonetheless thrilling.

“END OF SEASON” were the words shown on the script in Erin Krakow’s screen capture, to accompany her caption of “In case you were wondering what we were filming tomorrow…” (meaning today).

Filming done, adventures ahead

“When Calls the Heart” has to take advantage of the warmer climate of British Columbia in summer when the drama swings into production. The cast and crew maintain a rigorous schedule, aiming toward the usual 10-12 episodes per season, as well as a Christmas movie, which will air this season in advance of the start of the coming season.

Some reactions from fans are still riveted on the loss of last season, but most are enticed by dreams for the future, and especially, the blessing of children, coming to Hope Valley in many forms. Elizabeth’s blessed arrival is anticipated around Christmas, or shortly thereafter, with many willing hands of help to the new mother.

In a playful post from September 19, Erin Kraków shared a photo of her character and the new Mountie in town, Nathan Grant, played by Kevin McGarry, behind bars. Her introduction was the “The warden threw a party in the county jail…” and the rest of that “When Calls the Heart” tale is sure to be a hoot.

Abigail will also deal with a man from her past in the new season, portrayed by Lori Loughlin's real-life, longtime friend, Rob Estes.

Erin Krakow and her castmates can take a breather before the “When Calls the Heart” convention for fans runs from October 19-21 in Vancouver. Fans will be waiting with baited breath to see their handiwork in early 2019.