Pandora Vanderpump Sabo is the daughter of Bravo reality stars Lisa Vanderpump and Ken Todd. Pandora posted a throwback photo of her parents on social media on August 28. Pandora did not choose a random photo, however, but one taken on Lisa and Ken’s wedding day in 1982 – 36 years ago.

Fans and followers of Lisa Vanderpump, “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” and “Vanderpump Rules” can readily see that the restaurateur and Bravo reality television star very much loves her husband, Ken Todd. In celebration of their 36-year wedding anniversary, their daughter Pandora selected a picture that means a lot to her family.

Followers wish Lisa and Ken a happy anniversary

Fans posted congratulatory messages for Lisa and Ken after seeing the picture of their special day shared on Instagram. Pandora captioned the photo of her “wonderful parents,” adding: “Thank you for teaching us what true love looks like.”

In addition to wishing Lisa and Ken a happy anniversary, Instagram user @jboudx3 commented that the couple trusts and respects each other — “two very important factors in a successful marriage.”

Fan likens Lisa to a queen, saying she does not age

While the calendar marks the number of years that have passed since the couple wed, fans find it difficult to see that Lisa has aged in the passing years. Twitter user @Matekyles tweeted that she spent the morning of August 29 searching for images of Lisa in her younger years.

She included a photo of Lisa and commented that “this queen has not aged one bit.”

Pandora, who is 27, recently celebrated her own wedding anniversary, which was on August 27.

She has been married to Jason Sabo for seven years, yet has been together with him a total of 13 years, People reported. In captioning the photo of her wedding, Pandora wrote to her husband: “I have always known that you’re the person I want to be with for the rest of my life.” In addition to their daughter, Lisa and Ken also have their son Max, who is now 26.

Before their 1982 wedding, the couple dated for six weeks before they decided to marry. They tied the proverbial knot “within three months,” according to Entertainment Tonight.

‘Vanderpump Rules’ star lives a life dedicated to helping dogs

Lisa and Ken are as dedicated to the welfare and well-being of dogs as they are devoted to one another. In addition to Villa Blanca, SUR, and PUMP, the couple is responsible for the creation of Vanderpump Foundation for Dogs, which aims to make the world better for dogs by ending torture and providing rescue services.

When Lisa is not filming for “Vanderpump Rules” or helping dogs, she enjoys horseback riding. (With her active lifestyle, is it any wonder that she doesn’t appear to age?) Fans can see by the photos on her Instagram that she is very much the equestrian.

She has two miniature ponies that she named Diamond and Rosé, Bravo pointed out on its website.

Lisa’s most recent venture is Tom Tom, dubbed “SUR’s younger brother” by Bustle. Tom Tom is run by Tom Sandoval and Tom Schwartz, who are also “Vanderpump Rules” cast members. The restaurant is named after the two men at the helm, in partnership with Lisa.

The next season of the Bravo reality show “Vanderpump Rules” will likely have an added boost of drama. Lisa confirmed that Tom Tom will be included in the upcoming season of the program, featuring her and the two Toms, according to Bustle.

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