"Vanderpump Rules" star Lisa Vanderpump celebrated her birthday on Saturday, (September 15). She appeared happy and over the moon as her nephews arrived unannounced. The surprise visit made her day. She also posted up a video showing the beautiful pink flowers in her home. She seems to be on roll with good things happening, as just last week, she also heard the news that her bill to stop the dog meat trade was passed.

Lisa Vanderpump's a Virgo baby

As Lisa's birthday is on September 15, that makes her a Virgo. Depending on where you look on the astrology sites, it seems that Virgo women are modest, clever, and sometimes take up work that serves a higher purpose.

They combine brains with beauty, bring stability, order, and reliability to others that share their lives. Sound like Lisa?

Lisa took to her Instagram to explain about her birthday. The "Vanderpump Rules" boss shared with her friends and followers how delighted she was when her nephews, her brother's sons, flew in. She described it as "the best birthday present ever!" Many fans reacted to Lisa's posts, noting how precious family is. Follower choupette90210 summed it up for everyone, posting, "Enjoy your family this is the most important thing in life."

Fans also loved the flowers Lisa shared

Lisa's home became a sea of flowers thanks to a sponsor. She posted a video this time, and obviously, as they're pink, she's delighted.

Lisa loves pink, you may have noted! Lisa has that gorgeous smile and she's doing a kind of workout dance meme thing - spinny, twisty - in front of the vases. Her little dog is staring up at her. She looks very happy. Fans enjoyed seeing her and one complimented her on working out on her birthday.

Thousands of people congratulated Lisa on her birthday and lots of them noted that they too had their birthday on Saturday.

Here's a sample of some of those nice greetings to the "Vanderpump Rules" star:

  • tara_liantonio_rozmerski wrote, "So beautiful all the flowers & you of course! Happy birthday Lisa!."

  • yasifabulous wished her a "Happy birthday beautiful @lisavanderpump ❤️."

  • sugarbelong wrote, "Love seeing you so happy!!☺️."

  • karilyn080 was one of those who shared the birthday, writing, "We share the same birthday!!! ❤️❤️❤️ September 15th!!!"

  • mandycooper78 also wished Lisa "Happy Birthday ."

  • Talking of the flowers, oufan88 agreed they were "gorgeous !!! Happy birthday."

It really seems that many fans and followers of Lisa and "Vanderpump Rules" wished her well on her birthday, and were happy that she got to spend time with her nephews.