The buzz around the Ball family has been with Zoey, as she is the newest member of the Ball family. As the Ball family has been traveling for the JBA, they got to meet Zoey for the first time, which brought a sense of joy. The first ever JBA All-Star Game took place, which also featured a three-point contest and a slam dunk contest.

Baby Baller

The episode starts off by showing the moments after Denise gave birth, which Denise said was "light work." Denise said that the delivery went better than expected, and she would go through the whole day all over again.

Denise and Lonzo were back at Denise's parents' house and at 4:45 AM, they're seen up with Zoey. They both said that they haven't been getting much sleep, as they have to stay up to take care of the baby often.

When asked if she thinks Melo and Gelo would be helpful with the baby, Denise said she was unsure and that she would have to see. Lonzo said that he wouldn't have Gelo or Melo babysit Zoey but later recanted that statement by saying that he has confidence in Gelo, but not in Melo, as he's a bad influence.

Gelo has only seen Zoey over FaceTime but said that Zoey looks exactly like Lonzo, which is also what LaVar said. When asked how to hold a baby, Melo started joking around by showing that you hold a baby by grabbing it with one hand and said that you pick up a baby from the ankles.

Gelo said he's afraid to hold babies as he's worried that he might drop it or would let the neck hang.

When the Ball family got home from being on the road, they got to meet Zoey for the first time. LaVar said he's not afraid to hold her, as he said: "the Ball family doesn't drop Balls". After Melo saw Zoey for the first time, Melo said that Zoey isn't cute and that all babies look like scary little aliens when they come out.

Melo said that he's going to be a cool uncle by giving her candy, teaching her words and letting her watch Disney.

The best of the JBA

Heading into the JBA All-Star Game, the Los Angeles Ballers won their last regular season game by beating Houston 169-153. Gelo had his fourth straight game where he scored 50 or more points.

Gelo scored 50 points with three assists and six rebounds to go along with four steals and three blocks. He also shot 42.6 percent (25-of-54) in that game.

LaVar, Allan, LaVar's brother, Ren, JBA operations manager Karolis, and others were seen at a steakhouse picking and organizing the teams for the first ever JBA All-Star Game. LaVar would be coaching the West team and Alan and Karolis would be coaching the East team, which makes it the first time ever that Alan is coaching a team. Before the game, there was a three-point contest and a slam dunk contest, with Brandon Willis from Seattle winning the three-point contest and Nicholas Lovelace from Houston winning the slam dunk contest. The game was very focused on offense, as the West beat the East, 202-189.

LaVar and Alan said that it went well and that it was the best turnout they've had yet. The JBA is also failing to attract an audience.

Next episode

After the "Ball in the Family" episode on Facebook Watch, a preview was shown about the next episode. In episode 19, which will air next Sunday (October 14) on Facebook Watch, the JBA playoffs start, Denise finds a house that she really loves, and one of the JBA players complains about not being paid.