On the September 18 episode of "General Hospital," Curtis interviewed a young woman that he believes could be Nina's long-lost daughter. The young lady in question insisted she was not adopted and said her mother went into great detail regarding her birth. Curtis suggested that a DNA test would resolve the situation and gave her his card. Previews for Wednesday show Valentin telling Mr. Ashford that they need to proceed with caution. She Knows Soaps spoilers tease that Nina and her estranged spouse will reconnect after she receives shocking news.

Soap Hub spoilers promise an action-packed week. It could be that Valentin tells Nina that the child she thought was dead is actually alive.

Nina is hopeful and Curtis is careful

Earlier "GH" spoilers teased that Kiki would end up as Nina's long-lost child, but on Tuesday Curtis was interviewing a complete stranger. He took note of the images of horses that surrounded the pretty young lady and pointed out that his client is an expert equestrian. She replied that her mother gave her explicit details of the day she was born, so there is no doubt that she was not adopted. Mr. Ashford tells her that a DNA test would rule her out. She did not respond but did take his card.

Curtis wants to be thorough and not say a word to his friend until he has absolute proof.

The preview with Valentin telling him that they must proceed with caution suggests that Mr. Ashford shares his new information with the man who hired him. Both men want to be careful and not tip their hand without conclusive proof. Meanwhile, Nina is hopeful that the locket that Madeline left her is a sign that her child is still alive somewhere.

She Knows Soaps indicates that Nina and Valentin will reconnect and the most likely reason is that he reunites her with the daughter she thought dead.

Valentin will be Nina's hero

If this young lady turns out to be Nina's daughter, and this is the shock that spoilers suggest, then Valentin will be her hero. This would soften her anger over what he did to Peter and cause them to reconnect.

The details of why this woman's parents never told her she was adopted -- as well as their connection to Madeline -- will all come out in the wash. Curtis will no doubt be on the case, getting all the information he can for his friend and putting everything into proper perspective.

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