Thursday's episode of "General Hospital" was full of fallout because of the manner in which young Oscar Nero is handling his brain cancer diagnosis. Cameron Weber knows the truth but has sworn not to tell Joslyn. Since she is clueless, she is enlisting her childhood friend in schemes to get her boyfriend back. Julian is still, basically, in the dark, but figured out that Kim's son has a medical crisis. Meanwhile, Oscar comes clean to Alexis and tells her he wants to be emancipated. Instead of celebrating his 16th birthday with friends and family, the teen is alienating those who could support him during this trying time.

Alexis and Julian learn more about Oscar

Julian and Alexis were talking about their mutual concern for Oscar. When the teen called Ms. Davis on the phone, she met with him and was shocked when he told her he was dying of a brain tumor. Oscar shares that his parents want him to try an experimental treatment, but he wants the right to say no. Alexis warns him that once he starts the emancipation process, there will be no turning back, and people could get hurt. Spencer also returned to Port Charles.

When Oscar threatens to hire Scott Baldwin, Alexis says she will take some time to think about his case. Now she knows the truth, but cannot share it with her ex, because of attorney-client privilege.

Meanwhile, Kim is a wreck, and Julian is trying to get answers. She tells him she must respect her sons right to privacy, but when Charlie asks if Oscar is having a medical issue, she nods yes and falls into his arms. Julian promises to be there for her and says he will not push to know more.

Cameron is stuck between Joslyn and Oscar

Oscar asked Cameron to remain silent about pretending to have another girlfriend. Meanwhile, Joslyn calls Cam over and shares a plan to get her boyfriend back. She wants her lifelong friend to pretend that they are now dating so that Oscar will be jealous. At first, Cam refuses, but later, changes his mind, because he really does want Joss as his girlfriend.

Cameron is sorry Oscar is sick, but he is falling for Joslyn and will do just about anything for her. He agrees to her plan, even though he knows it will infuriate Oscar, who will accuse him of wanting Joss all along. Alexis is conflicted and bound to secrecy, Julian is still somewhat out of the loop, and Kim is an emotional wreck. Cameron is playing both sides against the middle, Joslyn is plotting, and Oscar is making rash decisions, all because of the brain tumor.