Again and as each month through the latest issue, V-Jump has unveiled a new chapter of the manga coupon of "Dragon Ball Super," which is made by Toyotaro and here we have them the first summary. In this, the end of the arc of the Survival of the Universe is coming, and soon the winner of the Power Tournament will be known.

Goku's Ultra Instinct

Goku has accessed the Ultra Instinct -Sign- again, facing Jiren and seeing the increase in power of the warrior of Universe 11, Whis mentions that finally, Jiren will become serious in combat. When the fight begins, the Saiyan manages to dodge some of Jiren's blows but others do not, despite this Goku is still standing, and this dodging attack begins to bother Jiren.

Seeing what Goku is doing, Whis mentions that it is because his "unconscious" state is increasing. After dodging some attacks, Goku mentions that he does not need useless feelings and that now his heart must be at peace, as serene as the crystal clear waters of Paoz Mountain.

Jiren again begins to increase his power and goes to attack Goku, but a new change in the Saiyan has happened because his hair is now silver and to everyone's surprise he has dodged the attack and hit Jiren leaving him on his knees. In the stands, everyone notices with amazement the change of Goku and Beerus is the first to say what it is about and finally Whis mentions that the Saiyan has mastered the selfish doctrine. Jiren stands up, but Goku stops all his attacks and he easily hits him.

Jiren's attack

Jiren launches a powerful attack towards Goku, which manages to destroy a part of the stands, but to his surprise, the Saiyan has eluded him and appears behind him throwing him a Kamehameha. While everyone wonders if Jiren has fallen outside, Marcarita confirms that she has managed to survive and shows herself to be holding on with great difficulty.

Jiren returns to the platform, but the result remains the same, his attacks do not work against Goku, who dodges and easily counteracts. After this, in the stands, the members of Universe 7 begin to be excited by the Saiyan's advantage, but not the same with Whis as he notices that Jiren's power begins to increase more and, on the other hand, Goku begins to look exhausted.

Finally, Jiren manages to stop a blow from Goku, and after this, in Universe 11 they realize that they still have a chance to win. The confrontation intensifies, and both warriors have surpassed the speed that can be followed with the naked eye, but finally, it is Goku who goes flying when receiving a blow from Jiren, but for good fortune, Vegeta prevents him from falling off the platform.

Goku has returned to normal to everyone's surprise, and after what happened, in Universe 11 they begin to be sure of victory. Jiren mentions that the defeat is not acceptable and let's see his desire, which is to revive his teacher who was killed. In the stands, before the confusion of Dyspo to listen to the wish of Jiren, Toppo mentions that it is because he seeks the recognition of his teacher.