Thomas Ravenel, 56, was arrested in South Carolina on September 25, according to Fox News and Llive5 News (WCSC). Following his arrest, Ravenel, who is also known by his nickname TRav, was booked. His booking occurred at the Al Cannon Detention Center.

In addition to facing criminal charges, Ravenel appeared in court for a bond hearing on September 25. The judge ordered that the former Bravo reality star, who was a cast member on “Southern Charm,” relinquish his passport. He was additionally ordered to remain in South Carolina.

Ex-reality show star has a no-contact order with the victim

Ravenel’s arrest evolved from allegations of sexual assault. A former nanny who worked for TRav contends that he assaulted her in January 2015, according to the Charleston Police Department, as well as the arrest affidavit, which Live5 and Fox News cited. While Ravenel is released on his own recognizance and did not have to actually post the $20,000 bond stipulated, the judge ordered that he have no contact with the victim.

The criminal charge law enforcement formally leveled against him is “second degree assault and battery,” Live5 reported. Law enforcement in Charleston, South Carolina, told Fox News that the former reality star and disgraced former South Carolina State Treasurer was accused by a woman who is 43.

Ravenel is a previously convicted felon. He pleaded guilty to cocaine distribution in 2007.

Fox News (and People previously) identified the woman who reported TRav to police is named “Dawn.” In reporting the news of Ravenel’s arrest on September 25, Fox News included fairly graphic details about the assault that Dawn alleges took place.

Nanny accusing Ravenel sustained documented injuries

Ravenel’s former nanny reportedly told others close to her, such as her sister and ex-husband, about the alleged sexual assault after fleeing from Ravenel. The affidavit states that pictures were taken “immediately” of injuries she reportedly sustained to her neck and to her chest.

The photos were “obtained” by detectives, who noted that the images were properly time-stamped respective of the alleged assault.

Dawn was present during Ravenel’s bond hearing, though she was not previously aware that he would be arrested on September 25, Live5 noted. She explained that there is a “need for accountability,” mentioning that her “concern” is about the safety of others, including children. She alluded to her children as well as Ravenel’s young daughter, Kensie, and his son, Saint.

Dawn also asserted that the children, including her own, were “exposed to alcohol” and drugs, too. The children’s exposure to the drugs was a constant, according to her.

TRav confirmed off ‘Southern Charm’ the upcoming season

TRav’s future with Bravo is moot at this point. While Ravenel tweeted in the past that he resigned from the reality show “Southern Charm,”

Bravo has a different take on his departure. The network does not want him back with standing criminal allegations and the resulting investigation. Ravenel is not returning to the Bravo network show for the upcoming season, according to Live5.It is still not known whether Bravo will take back Ravenel's sometimes girlfriend Ashley Jacobs.

She has clearly stated that she wants to return to "Southern Charm" to redeem herself.

Patricia Altschul, a "Southern Charm" star, took to Twitter on September 25 to post about Ravenel's arrest. She was one of his targets in a Twitter tirade he posted, then deleted on September 22. She tweeted that she found out about the arrest after she woke on Tuesday.

Former star’s ex-girlfriend reacts to arrest on social media

While the news was still breaking about Ravenel’s arrest, Kathryn Dennis, his ex-girlfriend and mother of his two small children, posted to her followers on social media.

She shared a tweet on her Twitter account that reads, “People are on the side of the road with signs saying “#believesurvivors in mount pleasant.” One of her Twitter followers, using the moniker “LoveAndyC” replied, saying, “I realize you have to be careful with what you say. You have all our support. #believesurvivors.”

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