"Counting On" star Jinger Duggar Vuolo took to her Instagram to share the news that her brothers Jed and James met baby Felicity for the first time. They both held her and posed for the very sweet pictures which many people loved. Jinger's brothers live far away from Laredo where Jeremy and his little family stay. It's about a ten-hour trip for them, which explains why they have not met "Lissy" before. However, the joy of sharing the nice photo became overshadowed by a fan row that erupted over Felicity's nickname.

Counting On trolls often get ignored, but not this time

The row erupted after some who was described as an Insta-critic said that Jinger and Jeremy should not call her "Lissy" and should use her proper name. Jinger wrote in her caption, "Uncle James & Uncle Jed meeting Lissy for the first time." It fast became obvious that many people didn't know that Jeremy and Jinger started calling her "Lissy" on their posts soon after her birth. Some of the "Counting On" followers were not even sure how you get the name "Lissy" from the name Felicity. Things got heated about people thinking they have the right to tell Jeremy and Jinger what to call their baby. Trolls often get ignored, but this time - ding-dong, the fight was on!

One of the rightfully angriest comments about people dictating what Jinger should call her baby came from @kindafitmom87, who like many others just wanted to see the photos. They wrote, "I’m just here to see the sweet pics & see how many people make it a point to criticize Jinger & Jeremy for calling THEIR baby “Lissy”... like, how dare they call their child by a nickname that hasn’t been approved by the Insta-Critics!

The audacity!!!" The rather sarcastic comment echoed many others. Duggar Family defenders went at the critics like crazy. Pretty much they seem to be fed up with followers who just follow the "Counting On" couple so they can point fingers and say nasty things.

Jinger Vuolo earlier went shopping with her brothers

Jinger later shared an Instagram story and photo of her and her brothers out shopping for clothes.

They took "Lissy" along with them. But that post didn't erupt into a row unless you count the little argument about whether they should be using hand-me-downs rather than shopping in an actual shop. This post had a different tone in the comments section to the one showing the brothers posing with Felicity.

Sometimes even the faithful defenders of the Duggar family end up being criticized for being too critical of those who criticize. it seems that there's a lot of people at odds over the "Counting On" stars. But as one person, kacitaylor_19 noted, "not your kid, not your opinion... they don’t give a flying flapjack what you say... they are still going to call her Lissy." That is precisely what will happen.

Lots of fans are now angry and upset with each other. Jinger's probably never going to even read the comments.

What do you think of Jinger Vuolo having the right to give her daughter a nickname? Do you think it's better to ignore the haters, or would you join in the fracas? Stay up to date with "Counting On" by checking in with Basting News often.