“Southern Charm” cast member Craig Conover, of Charleston, South Carolina, is assisting in the recovery efforts of the non-profit organization Triton Relief Group. He joined forces with the charitable organization on September 21, initially transporting supplies by car to North Carolina, People reported. Conover aims to help people in need following Hurricane Florence.

The Bravo star, who is 29, shared a series of videos on his social media. On Friday, Conover posted the videos to his Instagram account. He is depicted in a boat making his way through areas that have been flooded.

The videos are intended to draw support for survivors and needed supplies in areas affected by flooding and additional devastation following Florence.

Star assists people, puppies, and kittens

Not only did the “Southern Charm” star assist in delivering food, he also stated that the group aidedpuppy dogs” and “kittens.” According to Bravo, the network home of “Southern Charm,” Conover additionally purchased incontinence products for adults to people in need. On the lighter side of a serious situation, the reality star also picked up a case of beer for “the first responders and all the volunteers,” Bravo reported.

Conover explained to fans and followers that the goal with the supplies he bought to create care packages for people.

He posted that while he was with the Sheriff’s Department near Wilmington, NC, the people in disaster-stricken Burgaw County were not reachable. He was headed there with the officers.

Hurricane Florence death and damage tolls

There were reportedly 42 people who died as a result of Hurricane Florence. Approximately half of the number of victims was “killed in vehicles,” People stated.

North Carolina suffered the most loss of life, with 31 killed. In South Carolina, nine people died, while two deaths occurred in Virginia.

In assessing the damage, Governor Roy Cooper of North Carolina described the flooding as an anomaly in that the state had not previously experienced any comparable extreme. He further said that giving “an accurate” dollar estimate for all the damage was not possible, other than saying the cost would toll in the billions of dollars.

‘Southern Charm’ co-stars pitch in to aid people

As well as Conover helping out in the aftermath of Florence, his “Southern Charm” castmate Danni Baird has was affected on a personal level by the hurricane. Wilmington was hit pretty badly, Bravo stated on September 20. In fact, the area of Wilmington was one of the most severely damaged in the wake.

Baird, who is an artist, graduated college from the University of North Carolina Wilmington. Baird, like Conover is pitching in to help in the recovery process. She is donating half of the money she receives for her new painting "Carolina Lowcountry for Life." The proceeds until the end of October will be directed to helping people affected. She expressed her gratitude to “Southern Charm” fans for their “amazing support.”

Additional celebrity cast members who are lending support to aid after the hurricane include Shep Rose.

All of the money garnered from the sales of his T-shirt design entitled “Carolina’s On My Mind” is dedicated to helping hurricane survivors in both North Carolina and South Carolina.

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