Selena Gomez is one of the most popular performers in the world. In September 2016, the Samoa Observer cited AP as saying that she "became the first to hit the 100-million follower mark" on Instagram. Now, two years later, this coming Friday she has 143 million followers. Do the math and that works out to an average of just under 1,8 million new followers each month. Most of us would be lucky to see 50 thousand followers in a lifetime!

Selena Gomez still hold the top but the others are rising and falling

But the interesting aspect of Selena is how trends changed for those closest rivals to her popularity two years ago.

Back then, Taylor Swift had 91.4 million followers, but two years later she also passed the 100 million mark. She's now at 121 million, which is about 1.2M new Instagram followers a month.

Next in line was Beyonce with 85.3 million in 2016. Her followers now number 118 million, an increase of over 31 million followers, or about 1.3 million new followers every month. At this rate, she should overtake Taylor Swift. Meanwhile, Ariana Grande screamed up the popularity rating in 24 months to 129 million followers. Previously she came in fourth behind Selena with 85 million followers. She managed to pick up 44 million more Instagram followers, which is an average of over 1.8 million a month. (And one million more than Gomez during the same time period.

Better watch out Selena, she's burning hot!)

Evergreen and ever-popular Kim Kardashian West was in fifth place on Instagram in 2016 with 83.6 million. In September 2018 she has 118 million followers, an increase of around one-and-a-half million a month.

In September 2016, the ladder looked like this:

  • Selena Gomez - 100M
  • Taylor Swift - 91.4M
  • Beyonce - 85.3M
  • Ariana Grande - 85M
  • Kim Kardashian West - 83.6M

Ariana Grande overtaking Taylor Swift

So, the top ladies, if current trends continue, will see a change-around in the top most-popular female Celebrities of our time.

The trend shows that Ariana Grande is overtaking Taylor Swift and Beyonce and is charging after Selena Gomez. Taylor's dropped below Kim Kardashian West on average monthly increases but holds above her for now, overall. Here's the current ranking, rounded out:

  • Selena Gomez - 143M, up from 100M
  • Ariana Grande - 129M, up from 85M
  • Taylor Swift - 121M, up from 91M
  • Beyonce & Kim Kardashian tie at 118M (both up from around the mid-80 mark)

Latest posts on Instagram by the top females

Selena Gomez posted a photo on September 23 that garnered 4,655,836 likes in nine hours.

Ariana Grande managed 1,844,320 likes on her post from three days ago.

Beyonce got 1,100,619 views in five hours.

Kim Kardashian West managed 3,022,825 views in seven hours.

Tay-Tay managed 1,070,061 likes in 14 hours.

New kid on the Instagram block on the way up - Kylie Jenner

But there's a new kid on the block these days giving them all a run for their money, and that is Kylie Jenner. At just three million followers behind Kim Kardashian, she smashed home 4,476,876 likes on her latest post in a single day. That's nearly as good as Selena Gomez managed.

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