Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin, his new fiancée, arrived back in New York after their Bahamas happy-time. TMZ reported that "fans and photogs congratulated him on popping the question." Simultaneously, they shouted out their best wishes to Hailey as well. Apparently, Justin and Hailey got the go-ahead to get married by Hailey's dad, Stephen Baldwin, a few weeks back.

The happy couple arrived back on Tuesday (July 10). TMZ noted that they seemed a bit "partied out," after their celebrations with fans in the Bahamas. But as usual, Justin was pretty relaxed with the local photographers.

Justin Bieber's engagement to Hailey may have been a shock for Selena Gomez

When Hailey became Justin Bieber's fiancée, apparently, it was a bit of a shock to Selena Gomez. E! News reported that a source said was she was "surprised" to hear about Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin's engagement." The source added that "Selena is totally over him." But people being people, there was some speculation that Selena was shocked and even disbelieved the news. Nevertheless, whatever she really feels is not likely to come from her mouth to the fandom.

She is obviously going to put on a strong face, even if she does feel a bit upset. US Weekly wrote that Selena did some "retail therapy" as she was seen in New York wearing a T-shirt that said, "Only the Strong Survive." Possibly, that was a message to her ex-boyfriend Justin.

Perhaps, she just wants the world to know that she is staying strong, no matter what. She is probably well aware that the couple has been tweeting their love around the world.

Justin Bieber and Selena dated on and off since 2011

Daily Mail UK reminded fans of the three players in the love-game, that Selena and Justin Bieber dated on and off since 2011.

The last time they separated was in March this year. That's not so long ago, which is why it's a surprise to so many people that he already popped the question. Nevertheless, it can be recalled that this is not the first time Bieber has dated Hailey Baldwin, either.

Billboard mentioned that they dated for a while in 2016 and even rang in the New Year together.

They first met in 2009 at a meet and greet for fans. Obviously, rumors started up but Justin denied them all initially. Justin was under serious scrutiny even as a teenager.

Justin's dating history before he met his new bride-to-be

The young singer dated a number of girls over the years. Ultimately, he was to end up proposing to Hailey, but there were other relationships. In fact, Selena was not even the first one. Billboard noted that Justin met Caitlin Beadles in 2008 when he was in Atlanta. They were both church-goers, but his hectic schedule got in the way. He later dated Jasmine Villegas for about nine months in 2010. There were other short dates with several women but things seemed to be the most serious with Selena Gomez. Now, Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin are set to be permanent partners. Their Bahamas announcement of their engagement very likely broke the hearts of many young Belieber fans.