Selena Gomez's Mom, Mandy Teefey, has finally given up all hope of convincing her 25-year-old daughter Selena Gomez about what is right or wrong when it comes to her life choices. According to a report by blog Gossip Cop, Teefey has thrown her hands in the air and decided it is time for Selena to make her own choices, however, along with those choices often come some bitter consequences that need to be dealt with in the aftermath.

Mandy Teefey realizes Selena is going to do what she wants

One of the toughest things a parent has to come to terms with is that there eventually comes a time when their kids are not kids any longer and the days of protecting them from bad decision-making have come to an end.

This has been extremely tough on Teefey, especially since Selena Gomez has suffered through so many dangerous health-related issues over the years.

Is Jelena the real deal?

Now the time has arrived for Selena and Mandy to put some distance between themselves in order to protect that fragile mother/daughter relationship. I think it's true that Selena's mom, Mandy Teefey, is not Justin Bieber's biggest fan, and she would prefer her daughter move on and not step back into one of the most painful relationships she has ever experienced to date.

Teefey is well aware that when dealing with young daughters, sometimes the more you complain, the more they want to peruse the relationship just to prove old mom wrong.

I think Mandy feels that Selena is young and at an age when she feels she is "invincible." So the time has come to stop sticking her nose into Justin and Selena's love affair. She plans on staying just close enough for Selena to know she is there for her anytime, anywhere, when she needs her, but not to close to crowd her.

Odds are, Selena and Justin will butt heads soon over something and momma Mandy will be there to wrap her arms around her daughter in that comforting and knowingly (I told you so, manner).

“Every mother and daughter have disagreements,” Teefey stresses.

As for Jelena, who knows just what their future holds? Hopefully, it will be more promising in 2018 than celebrity psychic Nikki sees for them. As previously reported, Nikki claims she sees bad times coming for Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez. She feels health issues with plague them both and will be brought on by drug-related issues.

Without naming names, she also claims to see a popular celebrity couple overdosing together in 2018. I hope not, and I especially hope that her predictions prove to be wrong. Stay safe and healthy Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber.