Justin Theroux has finally broken his silence after announcing the separation with Jennifer Aniston seven months ago. Describing the separation as “Heartbreaking” but still gentle, there was no acrimony between the partners. He added that their friendship is “Shifting and changing.”

In an interview with The New York Times which was published on Saturday, September 22, 2018, Theroux revealed that there was no animosity between them and he described the separation as the gentlest separation ever.

It was a small event

It was his first interview post the split in which he detailed what happened between them.

He, however, added that his words would not be enough to cater to the massive hunger in the media about the details of their love life. He described it as exhausting. It was a small event, but the press often balloons it out of proportion to make it register as an earth-shaking event measuring ten on the Richter scale.

Loves New York City

Justin Theroux did not talk much about his ex-wife, but he did say that his relationship with Aniston had thrust him into the center of the tabloid world and he tried his best to insulate himself by not talking about it.

His separation also brought the actor back to the city he loved and felt more at home-New York City. Theroux bemoaned the lack of privacy in Los Angles, but in New York City once you shut the door, you are alone.

Jennifer is also happy

“The Leftovers” star and Jennifer Aniston, 49, had made their separation official in February in a joint statement given to the press which stated that they were separating amicably and they were releasing the statement to prevent any media speculation.

Jennifer has also revealed in a recent interview that she is doing just fine and refuted allegations that she cannot keep a man or unwilling to become a mother because of her career.

Aniston was earlier married to Bradd Pit but separated after five years of marriage.

Meanwhile, in another news, The Sun reported that EMMA Stone avoided getting too close to Theroux at their "Maniac" premiere after facing rumors that they’re dating.

The pair fuelled rumors when they were pictured on holiday together in France back in May.

Theroux was in a relationship with stylist Heidi Bivens for 14 years until 2011

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