For several years now, "Gotham" has been among the popular superhero-based TV Shows that fans have been watching unfold. The show has chronicled Bruce Wayne's emergence into the "Caped Crusader," but also has introduced many of the popular villains from Batman. They've included the Penguin, Riddler, Catwoman, Scarecrow, and Mr. Freeze. Now it looks like one of the biggest and fiercest villains from Batman lore will finally be introduced for "Gotham" Season 5.

Bane on 'Gotham' set

On Monday (August 20), Heroic Hollywood reported that new "Gotham" set photos were reportedly leaked online.

A Twitter user has a post showing off a few photos of a shirtless man walking down the street in black leather pants with gloves on. That individual is considered to be Bane, the mutant leader from the Batman comic books.

In the comic books, Bane ranks among the top 50 all-time villains. He first debuted in the "Batman: Vengeance of Bane" comic book back in 1993. That was shortly after another Batman villain debuted: Harley Quinn. Bane is a supervillain who "broke the bat" literally, as a classic scene shows him breaking Batman's back during a fight.

Bane has been rumored to be part of the upcoming season of "Gotham" for a while now.

The photos seem to give further evidence that the popular villain will finally debut on the hit show. It's only fitting, as he was also the main villain in Christopher Nolan's third and final Dark Knight trilogy movie called "The Dark Knight Rises." Tom Hardy played the role and he'll soon take on the role of Marvel villain Venom.

There was also the original Bane appearance in the flop of a film, "Batman and Robin." The character merely grunted and groaned on the screen. He was also considered a bumbling sidekick for Poison Ivy rather than the main player. Now, he'll get a proper introduction in Gotham city on the hit TV series.

'Gotham' final season filming

"Gotham" first launched back in 2014 on FOX and most fans seem to have enjoyed the ride. In Season 4 of the show, things were really shaken up. It appears there could be a major battle amongst the Batman villains in Gotham. In particular, Penguin wants to gain control of the city once and for all. Actor Robin Lord Taylor teased "big things" for his villain in the next season.

While "Gotham" films in New York City, the city itself was also ravaged quite a bit in the past season. It has a more "post-apocalyptic" look and feel to it now. A few of the main players in the city remained behind to try to keep order. That includes detective Jim Gordon, and, of course, Bruce Wayne.

Alfred Pennyworth has taken Selina to a hospital outside of the city. However, many villains are still on the loose in the torn apart Gotham City.

Unfortunately for fans, "Gotham" Season 5 will be the swan song for the hit series. It's expected that Season 5 will only consist of 10 episodes. The fifth season began production this past July and it's expected to release sometime in 2019. Fans will need to start binge-watching episodes from the previous seasons in preparation. The good news is that "Gotham" Season 4 hits Blu-ray and DVD on Tuesday (Aug. 21).