Any movie in the Star Wars series is always a big draw and "Episode IX" is also expected to maintain the trend. There is a demand for sci-fi Movies which will continue to remain when there are the likes of Skywalker and Co. around. Fans will have to guess how the next episode will work out because there are rumors that the Skywalker Saga will come to an end with this episode.

Comic Book reports that one suggestion for the title is “Star Wars: A New Order.” If the forthcoming episode does signal the end of the road, there could be logic in selecting such a name.

Or – something like “Star Wars: A New Hope.” Titles of this nature will keep the interest of fans alive because these could hold promises of more episodes.

Progress on Episode IX

JJ Abrams took over from Colin Trevorrow and started work on the filming. Abrams is back as director with some well-known faces reappearing in this episode along with a few newcomers. The late Carrie Fisher will reprise her role as Leia Organaome. This is planned to be done by making use of unreleased footage from earlier films like “The Force Awakens” and “The Last Jedi.”

Abrams feels "Episode IX" will not be complete unless Carrie Fisher reappears.

Her presence will be a big boost to the Skywalker saga before curtains come down. The director admits that there was no question of inducting someone else to portray the role or go in for CG. The solution was to introduce unseen footage of Carrie that was readily available. "Episode IX" is expected to hit the screens on December 20, 2019.

Episode IX surrounded by secrecy

According to Screen Rant, there is secrecy about the “Star Wars: Episode IX” movie beginning with its title. This is believed to be the end of the trilogy and JJ Abrams got together his team which is ready for action. Sci-fi movies involve plenty of visual effects and animation of a high order and those who are entrusted with these tasks have to toil hard to present the final product that will keep the audience spellbound.

The shooting for Abrams' earlier movie “The Force Awakens” went on from May to November 2014, while “The Last Jedi” took five months of shooting. It is presumed that Lucasfilm will announce the title only when the movie is ready, probably by February 2019. Then they will follow up with promotional activities with a teaser trailer to build up the tempo in preparation for release by Christmas. Movies of the sci-fi genre allow our imagination to take wings and venture into unexplored worlds. Hopefully, "Episode IX" by whichever name they give it, will be another blockbuster.