"Gotham" Season 5 is the final season of the Batman-inspired TV show. As the final season begins, we see that the city is on the brink of collapse, and Oswald Cobblepot, better known as the Penguin, is attempting to take control of the city. Robin Lord Taylor, the actor who plays Penguin, has said that the final season will be big for his character.

We Got This Covered reported that filming for the final season has just started and that the show's stars and producers (including Taylor and Executive Producer Danny Cannon) have posted cryptic photos on social media.

One photo includes a shot of Penguin painted onto the side of a building.

The original post from Cannon did not include any explanation or content, but Robin Lord Taylor shared the same post and included a short message for fans regarding what's to come for the popular character.

Abandoned Gotham left for Penguin and others to seize

At the end of Season 4, we were left with Gotham being evacuated and riots breaking out. This opened the floodgates for Gotham's biggest baddies to mark their territory, preparing for the new age of Gotham. Penguin managed to claim his own territory in the middle of Gotham. Other characters including Barbara and Mr. Freeze also managed to grab territory of their own.

Comic Book has said that Penguin's new artwork on display appears to signal that onlookers have entered Penguin's territory. Recent teasers have also hinted at several new gangs that arrived in Gotham. These new arrivals have left fans wondering whether they will be loyal to Penguin or if they will unite under another villain like Scarecrow -- or even Bruce Wayne.

Two mysterious gangs appear ready for a fight

Cannon introduced fans to two new gangs entering the fray through his Instagram page. The first gang appears to be a group of rough and tough guys ready to attack, and they are rumored to have some high-tech equipment. One guy in the photo appears to be carrying a massive knife in his belt.

Cannon did not explain who these guys are, so fans will have to wait until the new season to find out.

The other group is a gang wearing bird masks. It's rumored that they could belong to Penguin's crew, and that they could even be part of the Court of Owls. This gang is more threatening, as there are a number of visible weapons. Despite all these character introductions and revelations regarding the upcoming season, fans will be forced to wait until 2019 to see how the story unfolds.