Candace Cameron Bure has become omnipresent to generations of TV viewers by now. At 42, the actress has long-lived past the spunky, resourceful, but always ruled by common sense, DJ Tanner of “Full House” and become “America's mom,” in the same way that her character modeled America's teens. The actress openly shares her beliefs, holding to her personally conservative values, and a bevy of practical, real-world mom tips without offending anyone on any side of the currently tense political climate. Honesty and charm create a powerful chemistry, and Candace Cameron Bure has consistently been able to talk to anyone she encounters like a friend.

Candace Cameron Bure got a bounty of friendly advice last month after a very open chat about her period. Some fans were adamant in suggesting that the busy mom try the menstrual cup. She confessed that, like many women, she was not even aware that the device existed until “a few months ago,” and after some consideration, the star felt brave enough to “give it a go.” Well, as TODAY reported on August 19, Candace Cameron Bure hasn't changed in her manner of giving an honest opinion, and this product trial was in no way a paid endorsement. It shouldn't be long before some savvy manufacturer sashays up to Candace with a proposal to be its pitch person, though, so don't be surprised if you see Bure’s familiar, broad smile across an ad in future issues of any ladies magazine.

Rave review

“l loved it,” Bure exclaimed answering her own rhetorical question. “I loved it.” The superlative review was quite a reversal for multitasker Bure, who initially balked at the concept of the menstrual cup. Using the vernacular in expressing the first thoughts of many women to the device, she dubbed the product as “nasty” and declined it as a viable sanitary option, saying “I don't want a cup up in there.” Well, as they say, one should never knock something until she tries it, and the menstrual cup passed the test for Candace.

Every woman has endured the “walk of shame” of a sweater tied at the waist or rushed to a bathroom after the fail of a pad or tampon to protect a favorite outfit. Often, some women may reserve a portion of their wardrobe as designated for “period days.” For television and film stars, the wardrobe is not a matter of choice, and a considerable budget is invested in buying and sewing custom-made costumes.

Candace Cameron Bure wore just such pieces in her 2016 Hallmark Channel Christmas movie, “Journey Back to Christmas” about a WWII bride who inadvertently time-travels to the current era.

Bure attested that the silicone device, which collects flow during the monthly cycle, was completely foolproof for her. Even after her usual rigorous exercise and a day of shooting “Fuller House,” the actress was jubilant in reporting that there was “no leakage, no spotting, no nothing.” The star self-effacingly referred to herself as Mamma Candace in answering numerous questions and advising her followers to take the online quizzes to decide the size and type of menstrual cup that would be their best individual option.

Menstrual cups are meant to be worn no more than six hours and are never for overnight use. Some studies have shown a greater correlation between wearing the device and toxic shock syndrome, so the choice must be weighed carefully. Menstrual cups are reusable, but they must be sanitized before each use, and are, of course, a much more environmentally-conscious option than pads or tampons that virtually never biodegrade in landfills, much like disposable diapers. It's a good step, as plastic waste is out of control.

Something always in the works

Candace Cameron Bure is definitely among the hardest working women in television. She is sure to have her share of the new Christmas movies in the new 2018 Hallmark Channel batch, which begins airing on October 26.

This past Saturday, August 18, a run of her Aurora Teagarden mystery movies was the main attraction on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries. Like her “Fuller House” co-star, Lori Loughlin, Bure balances multiple acting roles with motherhood, and never seems to show her age. She stars with another of Loughlin’s “When Calls the Heart” castmates, Niall Mater, in the Aurora Teagarden series. Speaking of "When Calls the Heart," Lori Loughlin has predicted a romantic future for Elizabeth.

The actress is about to make her directorial debut in the coming season of “Fuller House,” and gushes that the recent Emmy nomination for the family-friendly sitcom, saying, “in all honesty, it feels like we won.” Bure shared her excitement over Season 4 with ShareTV on August 17.

She is looking forward to the relationship between DJ and Steve unfolding and loves that her relationship with Andrea Barber and Jodie Sweetin is stronger than it ever was in their “Full House” years.

Candace Cameron Bure wore a StarKist top as she talked about the new season. No one knows if she will become an official spokesperson for a menstrual cup brand, as she is for the famous tuna and chicken, but she is a converted consumer now, certain that “I'm not going back to tampons now.” She jokes that “I feel like a sex ed teacher,” after responding to so many questions, but she probably can't work in another job these days