The latest updates and spoilers, for "Arrow" Season 7, reveal details about the episode 4 and Oliver Queen's classic goatee. Executive producer Beth Schwartz posted a photo of episode 4's script on Twitter and it has something to do with Earth 2 Laurel Lance's (a.k.a. Black Siren) arc this season.

Cast member Stephen Amell also posted a photo of his updated bearded look for his character. The seventh season will focus on Oliver's time in prison after he willingly surrenders to FBI for his activities as Green Arrow. However, a new team of vigilantes is protecting Star City and Team Arrow must uncover their identities before they do more harm than good.

Black Siren's redemption

According to Heroic Hollywood, Beth Schwartz posted the script of episode 4 and netizens have noticed that the title name is blacked out. While Schwartz did not discuss the full content of the episode, comic book fans speculated that the episode is focused on former villain-turned-ally, Black Siren.

In the Arrowverse, Black Siren is the doppelganger of Earth 1 Laurel Lance (Black Canary). She is metahuman with the ability to shout a powerful sonic scream that can destroy an entire building. She first appeared on the second season of "The Flash" as part of Zoom's metahuman army.

Black Siren was rescued by Prometheus, from her S.T.A.R. Labs prison, and pretended to be her Earth 1 counterpart to hurt Oliver and his friends. She then aligned herself with Richard Dragon and his team to take over Star City together. However, she had a change of heart and went after Richard for murdering Quentin Lance. Black Siren took over her doppelganger's position as the city's district attorney hinting her path to redemption.

Oliver Queen's full goatee revealed

According to Screen Rant, Stephen Amell posted his full-grown beard on Twitter, marking his own take of his character's signature look in the DC Universe. Amell has been teasing fans on social media about Oliver's bearded look and even jokes that it almost looks like Thanos's chin.

While "TMNT 2" star had facial hair in the show it was never quite the same as his comic book counterpart and now he is giving them exactly what they want in season 7.

Aside from the goatee, Amell also teased Batwoman's costume after he tweeted that someone is trying the superhero suit for the first time, hinting at Ruby Rose who is playing Kate Kane in the Arrowverse. The CW Network will work on a solo Batwoman spin-off after the crossover episode.