Briana DeJesus is sharing a very scary situation that she just dealt with concerning her daughter. Us Weekly shared the details about what happened to her 13-month-old daughter Stella that ended her up in the hospital. This all went down on Thursday when her daughter had a 104-degree fever for about a week. This was a really scary situation for the mom of two.

What happened to Stella?

After the temp got stable, there was still something going on with Stella. She actually was having trouble moving her left arm. Briana explained, "I thought maybe she had an accident at daycare." Briana was smart and took her daughter to the ER to be safe.

They did an MRI on her and actually found some fluid on her joints. This is pretty scary stuff.

Her daughter Stella had septic arthritis, which they don't even really know how you get. There are several ways it could have happened including a bug bite. It is caused by germs. Her daughter was going to need surgery to fix this issue. It was over four hours that she didn't get to see her daughter while she was in surgery and that is scary. Stella’s father, Luis Hernandez was in New York City so her mom was the only one she had around to help her.

Briana has learned from this experience

Briana DeJesus is admitting that she has learned from this experience. The "Teen Mom 2" star is happy that her daughter is doing okay.

She explained the details saying, "I’m happy I ended up trusting my gut and taking her to the ER as the infection could have grown and entered her bloodstream and she could have become extremely sick. She could have possibly died." It is awful to think that her daughter could have passed away, but Briana is also very lucky that she was able to save her.

Parents have to be careful and watch every single thing that goes on with their children. You never know when you could be in a situation like Briana DeJesus just was and if you don't take your child to the ER then you would never. If Briana DeJesus had missed out on what was going on with her daughter, then she could have actually died.

All parents have to be really careful when it comes to their kids and it is better to take them into

the doctor and be careful than for something to happen.

Don't miss the new episodes of "Teen Mom 2" when it returns to MTV. It is unknown if the cameras were rolling during Stella's big scare. It would be nice if the viewers could get a glimpse of what went down and how Briana figured out what was going on with her little girl.