Blizzard Entertainment announced a new character joining "Overwatch's" growing roster at BlizzCon 2018 and her name is Elizabeth Caledonia Ashe, leader of the infamous Deadlock Gang. She is the third to be released this year alongside the paladin Brigette, and the genius hamster Hammond. Her sharp-shooting skills, explosive weapons, and her huge Omnic sidekick B.O.B. will make her an easy fan-favorite for players around the world.

The video game publisher also streamed a new cinematic short featuring former "Overwatch" and "Blackwatch" member, McCree, taking on Ashe's gang.

This will be the game's tenth animated short as Bizzard previously showcased Hana Song's (a.k.a. D.Va) movie at the Korea Fanfest event.

Ashe debut trailer

According to Game Rant, Ashe comes from a wealthy family but often feels neglected by her parents as a child. Feeling abandoned, Ashe often gets in trouble at school as she starts fights with her classmates. She also gets into prison for starting trouble and the only one present to bail her out is B.O.B. She eventually decided to run away from home, and start a family of her own, thus forming the outlaw group, The Deadlock Gang.

Ashe is a long-range shooter equipped with a semi-automatic rifle called The Viper, which can fire quick shots or use her aim-down-sight for a more precise shot.

She is also equipped with a shot-off shotgun that can push enemies away from her or lift her off the ground to escape. She can also put dynamite around the area or throw and shoot it in front of her enemies for maximum damage.

The new hero's Ultimate move will have her summon B.O.B. into battle and he bulldozed everyone in front of him and blasts them with his arm cannons.

It is unknown if B.O.B. can be controlled by the players or just an A.I. summoned character.

McCree vs the Deadlock Gang

According to The Verge, the new "Overwatch" cinematic short titled "Reunion" takes place in Route 66, where McCree is hanging out at the local diner. However, a cargo train explodes on top of the diner as McCree walks out to see what happened.

It's revealed that Ashe and her gang are stealing an important payload from the train along with some valuable gold.

McCree steps in to stop Ashe and the Deadlock Gang, knowing the odds are against him. A big gunfight ensued as McCree skillfully outsmarted every one of them. He was able to beat Ashe and her gang by using grenades that were lying on the ground. He captured them and discovered an unnamed Omnic in the cargo. McCree urged it to contact Winston and reunite with the whole gang as he departed for some unfinished business.