The latest updates and spoilers for "Arrow" Season 7 reveal the possibility of seeing Oliver Queen's classic goatee and Batwoman's costume. Cast member Stephen Amell made two announcements about them on his official Twitter page, and these tweets may concern Oliver's future in the upcoming season.

The seventh season of the DC TV series will focus on Oliver's time in prison after he voluntarily surrendered himself to the FBI for being the Green Arrow. With Oliver behind bars, the remnants of Team Arrow have no choice but to "retire" and move on, unaware that a new group of vigilantes is creating chaos in Star City.

Classic Green Arrow goatee

According to Screen Rant, Stephen Amell tweeted that he has been trying to grow a beard that closely resembles his character's comic book appearance, even jokingly comparing it to "Avengers: Infinity War" villain, Thanos

Amell has always had facial hair on the "Arrow" TV show, but it was never quite the look or length of his counterpart. Now, it seems that Amell will cater to the comic book fans and give them exactly what they want in season 7.

The "TMNT 2" star first teased Oliver Queen's classic goatee at the Motor City Comic Con event and stated that it will not be a permanent look for him when he gets out of prison.

However, Screen Rant speculated that having longer facial hair will be necessary as it will help Oliver be unrecognizable in Star City since the public knows that he is Green Arrow.

The plot of season 7 will be based on "The Longbow Hunters" storyline as Richard Dragon assembles his new team to get revenge on the Emerald Archer for foiling his takeover of Star City.

Oliver must also reunite his team and fight under the radar as SCPD will no longer tolerate vigilantism in the city.

Batwoman's Arrowverse costume teased

Amell posted a second tweet hinting that someone his trying on his/her superhero costume for the first time. While he did not mention the name of the person, Comic Book Resources speculated that the person trying to fit the costume could be Ruby Rose.

The CW Network officially announced that Rose will be playing Kate Kane (Batwoman) in the "Arrowverse" and she will make her debut in the next crossover. Kate Kane in the comics is a former military trainee turned vigilante after being rescued by Batman from muggers. Inspired by his heroism, Kate dons a bat-like outfit and she is equipped with military-grade weapons to fight crime in Gotham City.