The latest updates and spoilers for "Arrow" Season 6 reveal the possibility that Black Siren could be swayed away from the dark path and join Oliver Queen and his team. Black Siren has been a recurring villainess in the show and she has joined Helix to conquer Star City.

The CW Network released a new full-length trailer of "Crisis on Earth X" and it showcased the heroes of the Arrowverse fighting together to save their world from the invading Earth X army led by Overgirl, Blitzen Flash, Prometheus X, and Fuhrer Oliver Queen.

Black Siren joining the good guys?

According to Stephen Amell, nothing has changed about the relationship between Oliver and Earth 2 Laurel as he explained that the two did not interact with one another during the crucial moments of season 5. But the aftermath of the season is where Laurel's potential redemption may occur as Oliver still believed that there is still some good inside of her.

"We're going to keep her close and we're going to see if there is still any bit of Laurel in there -- let's try to find it," Amell told Screenrant. "I think that [Oliver] still feels that same way despite the fact that she's doing some pretty gnarly stuff this year."

Black Siren has aligned herself with Helix and their leader, Cayden James after the latter saved her in the Lian Yun after season 5.

Team Arrow will also have to deal with the show's newest big bad, Richard Dragon and their encounter will affect the whole team, especially John Diggle.

Oliver will reclaim the mantle of Green Arrow from Diggle as he steps back from being a vigilante to protect the city despite his promise to his son, William.

Earth X wedding crashers

The new trailer for "Crisis on Earth X" featured the long-awaited wedding between Barry Allen and Iris West as friends and family gathered around to witness their vows. However, the proceedings were interrupted by the invading Earth X army as Prometheus X, Overgirl, and Oliver's doppelganger attacked the heroes inside the church.

Harrison "Harry" Wells revealed that the Earth X is the 53rd world in the multiverse and its citizens are being ruled with an iron fist. The trailer also featured The Ray and Citizen Cold helping the DC TV heroes fight them.

It is also revealed that evil Earth X army is creating a doomsday device that will eradicate the planet, and they have kidnapped Felicity Smoak and Iris West.

Amell compared the new "Arrowverse" crossover to a four-hour movie and the story will surpass the Dominators invasion of earth.