Josiah Duggar and Lauren Swanson will mark their one-month wedding anniversary on July 30, which is the same date that the new season of “Counting On” premieres on TLC at 9 PM EST. So far, married life has been a “joy,” according to Café Mom.

Lauren is quoted as having stated, “What a joy it is to be husband and wife.” She described her wedding day as “absolutely perfect.” They told Us Weekly that they are “loving every minute” of the life they share as a married couple.

Keeping in step with the courtship rituals that the Duggar family follows, 21-year-old Josiah waited until his wedding day before kissing Lauren, his bride.

The couple granted an interview to Us Weekly, which was published on July 27.

Bride’s father officiated the wedding in Arkansas

Josiah stated that his marriage proposal happened at the same location where Lauren’s father asked her mother to get married. Josiah and Lauren knew each another for several years before courting. After their six-month courtship, the couple exchanged wedding vows. Lauren’s father officiated their wedding, which was held in a cathedral at John Brown University located in Siloam Springs, Arkansas.

Wedding was ‘perfect’ and ‘time has flown by,’ planning future

As well as describing their wedding as “perfect,” Josiah topped that by saying Lauren’s walk down the aisle was even better.

After their wedding, the couple was excited to start their lives together.

They have reportedly been busy planning their future. Beyond planning what they hope to see become reality in times ahead, the duo told Us Weekly that they “enjoy dreaming and thinking” about their future.

According to Josiah, “time has flown by,” since their wedding day, Café Mom reported.

Their marriage seems to measure up to the couple’s aspirations, judging from another statement that Josiah offered. He assessed, “We now understand why God considers marriage such a beautiful thing.”

A topic that the couple did not broach in their interview with Us Weekly is whether they plan to have children sometime soon. With the Duggar Family siblings who have married, it generally has not taken a great amount of time after marriage for pregnancy news to follow.

Josiah’s sister, Jinger Vuolo, however, gave birth to her first baby (Felicity Nicole), on July 19 – nearly two years after her wedding.

Josiah’s former fiancé making her own news and future plans

While Josiah and Lauren enjoy, plan, and build their lives together, there has also been some recent news about Marjorie Jackson, formerly engaged to marry Josiah. She has stayed plenty busy, traveling and sharing photos of her ventures on social media.

In addition to visiting Steamboat Springs, Colorado, Josiah’s ex, Marjorie, also traveled to Las Vegas, Nevada, which is also known by its moniker “Sin City.” For Marjorie, though, it seems the trip was more about connecting spiritually with a friend named Madyson.

The two women seem to have an affinity for Jesus in common – based on how Marjorie captioned the Instagram photo she shared earlier in the week.

Marjorie also appears to be making plans for the future. Her goals include quite a bit of travel. She mentions, on Instagram, wanting to see the Trevi Fountain in Rome, the Eiffel Tower in Paris, and New York City.

When Josiah and Marjorie broke off their engagement, their announcement sounded as if it was a mutual decision. From the appearance of everything, it seems like the future is looking good for the couple, as well as it is for Marjorie.

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