The sudden death of Carrie Fisher, from a heart attack, was a big blow to the team of “Star Wars” as she was portraying the role of Princess Leia in the sci-fi movie series. To maintain continuity of the character, the filmmakers had to find a way out. They opted to use some unreleased footage of “Episode VII: The Force Awakens” instead of CGI.

ABC AU reports that after the sudden death of Carrie Fisher, there was speculation on the future of Princess Leia who was supposed to be a part of “Episode IX.” The story needed to bring her back to life and one option was to use CGI.

They had resorted to this technique in “Rogue One.” However, for the upcoming “Episode IX,” the producers decided to use unreleased footage of the actress from “Episode VII.”

It was a difficult choice

JJ Abrams is the director of “Episode IX” and he has admitted, “we desperately loved Carrie Fisher. Finding a truly satisfying conclusion to the Skywalker saga without her eluded us. We were never going to recast, or use a CG character.” This was reported by ABC AU. Therefore, it was decided to use some hitherto unseen footage that was shot for “Episode VII.” Abrams had directed “The Force Awakens” but not the later one, “The Last Jedi” of 2017.

He is now handling “Episode IX” and it's his responsibility to create a suitable story and tie the loose ends together by making use of the existing footage.

According to plans, Princess Leia would have held the spotlight in “Episode IX.” Saga veteran Han Solo played a prominent role in “The Force Awakens,” while it was Luke Skywalker who was in the spotlight in “The Last Jedi.” Carrie was there in “Episode VII” and was excited about being a part of “Episode IX” as well.

Filming has already started

Star Wars” has kept the viewers mesmerized for decades and “Episode IX” is the next in line. It has not been named yet but work has started. Sky News reveals that the shooting is being done in Pinewood Studios and the cast has many known faces with a few newcomers. The role of Princess Leia will once again be played by the late Carrie Fisher based on a storyline around some past unused footage.

The actress rose to stardom playing this role and died just after completing her work on “The Last Jedi.” JJ Abrams has indicated that Billy Dee Williams will return to the sci-fi franchise. He starred in “The Empire Strikes Back” and “Return of the Jedi” in the 1980s. Mark Hamill will also be there as Luke Skywalker and the film is expected to be released worldwide in December 2019.