Fans of the Duggar Family and viewers of “Counting On” know that it is atypical to see members of the supersize family shed a tear or, for that matter, show emotion other than joy. The exception, however, is Jinger Duggar Vuolo. In past episodes of the family’s former TLC show, “19 Kids and Counting,” her family members have remarked that Jinger is the most expressive, especially with her eyes. Viewers also readily observed how she conveyed messages when she was shocked, caught off-guard, surprised, and happy.

Learning through a recent Us Weekly interview (published July 26) that Jinger cried after delivering her baby girl is not so much unexpected as is the tender reason for her tears.

She told the publication that she cried the first time she saw her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, holding their infant daughter, Felicity Nicole.

Jinger’s heart ‘melted’ as husband held baby Felicity Nicole

The new mom described feeling as if her heartmelted” when Jeremy, 30, first held the couple’s newborn. She additionally relayed that baby Felicity Nicole is “blessed,” saying that Jeremy is a “remarkable father.” Baby Felicity is the couple’s first child. They were married in November 2016, following a Duggar-style traditional courtship – with no kissing and no frontal hugs.

Discovering that 24-year-old Jinger remains as confident in her partner now as when she married Jeremy, a former pro soccer player, might reassure some “Counting On” viewers and fans, but there remains a strong contingent set in the belief that the Duggar daughters are raised to breed or bring forth and multiply.

Despite what casual observers believe, Jinger seems genuinely happy with her decisions. After all, she did not have baby Felicity nine months after her wedding night, which dispels the belief that her sole goal is to have babies. Throughout her labor, Jeremy offered continual support and words of encouragement, Jinger told Us Weekly.

Parents of newborn a ‘perfect match’

Jinger and Jeremy “are very much in love,” Celebrity Insider noted on July 28. The publication even stated that they are “a perfect match,” illustrated as an effect of Jinger’s pregnancy and the birth of their baby, Felicity, on July 19.

While Jinger relayed to Jeremy that she was in a lot of pain during labor, she also confided that she could not “do it anymore,” Celebrity Insider reported.

He reassured that she was “stronger” and she could do it. She characterized herself as a “monster” while she was in labor yet does not recall everything. Giving birth to baby Felicity is more powerful than the memories of her behavior in the midst of labor pains.

In addition to crediting Jeremy for having great skills during their child’s birth, Jinger also attributes God for giving her “the grace to cope,” according to Celebrity Insider.

Sister Jessa is inspired by baby Felicity to have a baby girl

Now that Jinger is home in Laredo, Texas, her mother and sister Jessa arrived and have helped with Felicity, giving the first-time mom an opportunity to rest. Jessa has openly stated that after meeting her baby niece, she is ready to have another baby.

Jessa and her husband, Ben Seewald have two young sons, Spurgeon and Henry. Being around Felicity inspires her to want to have a daughter. “It would be sweet,” she said, “to have a little girl,” Café Mom reported. Jessa also said that she would feel “overjoyed” if she learns that she is pregnant.

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