Fans of TLC’s “Counting On” awaited the arrival of Jinger Duggar Vuolo’s baby from the time the reality star and her husband, Jeremy, shared news of her pregnancy. She treated fans and social media followers to periodic photos, updating everyone as her baby bump grew. The couple also took to Instagram to relay their baby’s gender. She gave birth to baby daughter, Felicity, quite early in the morning, at 4:37 AM, on July 19. Felicity’s birth weight was eight pounds and three ounces.

The couple broke with Duggar Family tradition, as John David Duggar did with Abbie Burnett, once again, as each of the married Duggar daughters seems to have done while achieving independence and branching out with their husbands.

Jinger and Jeremy moved away from the letter “J,” in the most recent break from family tradition, by naming their baby girl Felicity Nicole. Mom and daughter share the same middle name.

When the new season of “Counting On” resumes airing, on TLC, on July 30, additional information about the birth of Felicity may come to light. Jinger and Felicity were noted as “doing great,” according to a blog entry on the couple’s website, following Felicity’s birth.

Details about labor and delivery not, yet, plentiful

With “Counting On” set for its return at the end of July, the likelihood is that Jinger, her husband, and her sisters will probably remain tight-lipped until episodes are broadcast. Details about Jinger’s labor and the birth of Felicity are sparse.

Curiosity, however, remains. Fans want to know whether Jinger experienced a less difficult delivery than her sisters.

There are many questions but no solid answers have surfaced. According to Celebrity Insider, Jessa Duggar, who hasn't potty-trained her son and who gave birth before Felicity arrived, had complications. Knowing that Jill, Jessa, and Joy-Anna had difficulties during delivery is at the core of fans’ curiosity about how Jinger fared during labor and delivery.

Jinger said she was "scared" before having baby Felicity

Before her baby was born, Jinger shared publicly that she was “scared” thinking ahead about “birth and labor,” Romper reported on July 10. Fans are also wondering whether Jinger had a midwife or if her sisters were with her during childbirth, Romper wrote on July 23. For now, fans and social media followers will have to accept that details will emerge when Jinger and Jeremy choose to share.

Undeniable is the fact that Felicity Nicole appeared well-dressed in her earliest stage of life and the first photo Jinger and Jeremy shared publicly on their website. Baby Felicity is depicted wearing frilly socks, a headband, and a cute pink and white dress.

Jeremy captioned the photo, stating that he and Jinger were “thankful” for their baby’s “safe arrival” and looking forward to their “life as parents,” Romper pointed out. While questions surrounding Jinger’s labor and delivery remain, until the answers may be relayed by the young couple, fans can feel rest-assured that there is no short supply when it comes to Felicity Nicole having cousins and aunts and uncles. The new season of “Counting On” starts on Monday, July 30 at 9 PM ET.