Now that Jana Duggar’s twin brother, John David, is engaged to marry Abbie Burnett, the burning question fans are asking once again is when Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s eldest daughter will court, become engaged, and get married. When or whether Jana could say yes to someone about courting probably would not be something that people would ask, except for the fact that Jana, along with her parents and siblings, live their lives in the public eye. Jinger Duggar Vuolo even offered details about the delivery of baby Felicity Nicole.

Nothing seems to be off-limits or taboo when it comes to fans raising questions, starting rumors, and spreading gossip, as long as the Duggars choose to have camera crews around during milestones in their lives.

The aspects that are unique in Jana’s situation, however, are the facts that she is not yet even 30 years old and she has adult brothers who could court and marry but have not done so.

Jana’s brothers, Jedidiah and Jerimiah, who are the second set of Duggar twins, are the same age that Joy-Anna Duggar was when she married Austin Forsythe and, within a few months, announced her pregnancy. They are 19, just as Joy-Anna was when she walked down the aisle. Let’s also not overlook Jason Duggar. He’s 18. Jason does not appear to be sprinting toward the altar. Meanwhile, Josiah Duggar and Lauren Swanson have found joy in planning for the future.

Jana is ‘waiting’ to get married

Even if not for John David preparing to marry Abbie, people would continue to beg the question about when Jana will get married.

There is a double-standard, despite living in the public eye and which should not equate to a license for people to pry into anyone’s life about his or her sexual orientation. With a plethora of social media posts and headlines suggesting that Jana is lesbian, why on Earth would she make sure to announce any plans she has for her future when her life has been treated as casual fodder – without consequences affecting others?

Possibly the closest a publication recently came to answering the question so many want to know about Jana getting married was conveyed within an International Business Times (IBT) article that was published on July 30. Jana is, in her own words, “waiting.” IBT also delved into the fact that Jana has three brothers who are available and legally eligible to marry.

Quite possibly, the siblings are also “waiting.” What is the hurry, anyway? They have their entire lives ahead of them.

Duggar daughter, Jana, is not old but believed ancient, relative to family’s beliefs

Fans, focused on Jana’s relationship status, might have missed the answer about why so much emphasis is on her marital status. Café Mom published an article on June 28 that explains that Jana definitely is not old with respect to biological age. Within the framework of the Duggars’ beliefs and lifestyle, Jana is not a relic but considered ancient.

Café Mom cited Radar Online, which reported that Jana is “content with whatever the Lord wants for her.” Jana has not demanded anyone must think, feel, or act as she does. She is living her life. She isn’t locked in a dungeon or being drugged. Maybe it’s time for people to accept her choice, which apparently involves waiting to get married – if and when she decides.

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