Last year, Prince Harry took Meghan Markle to Botswana on a romantic trip to celebrate her 36th birthday but situations have changed. She is now the Duchess of Sussex and a member of Britain’s Royal Family. Her celebration plans this year are different because Harry’s best friend is getting married on August 4, which is also Meghan’s birthday. Therefore, she will accompany Harry and attend the wedding.

Daily Mail UK reports that Prince Harry will be the best man for the wedding of Charlie van Straubenzee who is his childhood friend from their school days.

This was confirmed by photographer Tim Rooke, who has a long association with The British Royal Family. Charlie is marrying Daily Jenks, a videographer.

Harry and Charlie are good friends

Prince Harry and Charlie van Straubenzee have been close friends ever since their formative years in the Ludgrove Prep School in Berkshire. They attended the school together and were seen at the 2015 Rugby World Cup. It was an England versus Australia game. Charlie was one of the ushers at the Royal wedding and joined Prince William at the evening reception for Meghan and Harry at Frogmore House.

There, Charlie made a “playful speech” in which he referred to the “ginger locks” of Harry and also revealed bits of information on the antics Harry used to come up with during their school days.

Meghan’s life has changed

Meghan Markle, the former “Suits” actress has now entered a new phase in her life. As a member of Britain’s Royal Family, she had to remold her lifestyle.

She had to embrace a new set of values and has risen to the challenge. She has impressed not only members of the Royal Family but also all those who have come in contact with her. She seems to have gained confidence with every passing day. For those on the outside, the transition seems to have been a remarkable transformation for her.

Hello Magazine adds that Meghan used to share details of her birthday celebrations with her followers on a social media platform. She has now deleted that account. However, in 2016, she had thanked her fans and wrote, “thank you for all the birthday love! Cheers to all of you for sticking with me on all things serious and silly. Let's have another amazing year.” Last year, she enjoyed the occasion with Prince Harry in Africa, and this year she will attend the wedding of Harry’s old friend Charlie van Straubenzee. Times have changed and so have her priorities.