Even though Jinger Duggar Vuolo is from a supersize birth family, with 18 siblings, she has helped her mother, Michelle Duggar, with younger siblings, and has spent a lot of time with her 11 nieces and nephews. The new mom opened up to Us Weekly, stating that she was “nervous” before giving birth to her baby girl on July 19.

Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo’s daughter was born early in the morning. The world greeted her at 4:37 AM in San Antonio, Texas, according to Us Magazine. Jinger and Jeremy named their little girl, whose birth weight was eight pounds and three ounces, Felicity Nicole.

The new mom stated that she and her husband cannot stop themselves from “staring” at their baby’s face, which Jinger calls “adorable.”

Jinger addresses some details about baby’s birth

Fans of “Counting On” and social media followers have been curious and wanting to know more information about Jinger’s labor and delivery, whether her mom and sisters were with her in Texas, did she have a midwife, and, the list goes on. Part of wanting to know more details is the reality that her sisters faced complications in delivering their babies.

Duggar Family matriarch Michelle, and Jessa Duggar Seewald, have been in Texas helping Jinger since the birth of baby Felicity, Romper reported. Jinger has welcomed the support from her mother and her sister.

She stated that, with them helping out, she has been given “time to rest and recover.” Neither Us Weekly nor Romper made it clear if Michelle or Jessa were in San Antonio for the birth of baby Felicity. The duo did arrive and have been helping since sometime shortly after Jinger gave birth.

Baby Felicity’s name stands for "supreme joy"

Jinger and Jeremy chose a name for the daughter that “just felt right,” Us Weekly noted. From the time the name Felicity came to the couple, they loved it. Jinger said the name stands for “supreme joy,” as well as representing a girl who, at one time, remained “strong” for her Christian faith.

The couple’s baby has the same middle name as her mom: Nicole.

Jeremy takes to social media

First-time father Jeremy has posted on social media how he is also faring since the birth of baby Felicity. He shared two images on his Instagram account that he captioned with humorous statements. With an image depicting a bed that is unmade, he gave a nod to evidently missing some sleep.

Jeremy also shared an image of a coffee cup, stating, “Don’t let me down,” adding the hashtag “parenthood.”

Baby Felicity will be one-week-old on Thursday, July 26. TLC’s “Counting On” resumes broadcast with the show’s new season on July 30 at 9 PM ET. Possibly with the new season of the reality show about to get underway, fans might learn more about the delivery and whether there was a midwife.

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