Tori Bates and Bobby Smith are now married and even have a baby on the way. In Touch Weekly shared that the couple is now speaking out about how it was really hard for them to be able to start kissing after not being allowed to do it for so long. The Bates court just like the Duggars even though they seem to not be quite as strict. This seems to just work for them. Sometimes a courtship doesn't work out, but at least they haven't done too much with the person before they end up marrying someone else in the long term. This has to make it easier on the person they marry knowing they are the only one they have been with in that way.

The couple speaks out

Bobby and Tori went from only holding hands to being able to kiss and do anything they wanted to do. This is a huge difference for the two. Bobby admits that it feels wrong to kiss her. He hasn't been able to at all. Tori explained how not being able to touch at all really to being able to do whatever is a huge change.

Tori and Bobby are now married and doing well. They have obviously got used to being able to touch each other seeing that they have a baby on the way. Things are going well for them and they are happy together. They have seemed like a perfect couple. They did the long-distance thing which wasn't easy for them, but it worked somehow.

Their big honeymoon

They also shared a few details about Bobby and Tori's honeymoon.

The viewers haven't been able to see it just yet. After their wedding, they got the chance to go to California for their honeymoon. They are seen taking a horse-drawn carriage through a snowy forest. It looks like a magical vacation for these two. Tori called this the perfect setting and they were alone enjoying their time.

They also aren't used to getting to spend time alone like this after courting so long. The second that they got married everything changed for the couple, but all in a good way.

In the new episode, the fans will get to see Bobby and Tori on their vacation and what they are doing. They went for a drive up the Pacific Coast Highway and took a boat ride around the beautiful Monterey Bay.

They also went to Yosemite National Park. It looks like a great honeymoon that anyone would enjoy.

The fans can't wait to see how Bobby Smith and Tori Bates are doing as a married couple and all about their new child. This will all end up airing on an upcoming season of "Bringing Up Bates" on UP. The show is back with episodes this Thursday and this is when the honeymoon will air.