Jacob Roloff isn't on "Little People, Big World" anymore, but the fans still want to know about how he is doing. He decided he didn't want to be part of reality television and rumors fly all the time about how he is getting along with his famous family. Now, In Touch Weekly is sharing that Jacob's new book reveals him talking all about a father figure in his life, but it isn't his dad Matt.

Jacob speaks out in his book

One thing that fans have noticed is that Matt and Jacob haven't been seen together in a while. They were wondering if there is a feud, but these two haven't said anything.

Now Jacob just put out a book "Out to See" and he is raving about a man who was a father figure and took him to soccer all the time, but it wasn't his dad that did all of this for him.

In this book, he talks about Mike Detjen. Jacob says, "I appreciate Mike's influence on me a lot. Some took place hours away, and he would get me reading Popular Mechanics and Popular Science out loud during the long drive. I expanded my mind and learned new words from the writing inside those magazines, and even things I didn't fully understand helped me later as a writer and reader."

It sounds like Mike did a lot for him, but the fans wonder why Matt wasn't the one doing this stuff. Maybe he was busy working or something at the time.

Mike actually passed away from "cardiovascular complications" in 2008. Jacob admits to being really upset over his death and crying a lot the days after.

What is going on with Matt and Jacob?

Honestly, Matt and Jacob really haven't shared with fans what is going on and everyone just wants to know the details. Jacob has made it very clear that reality television isn't for him at all.

In his book, he barely even talks about his dad but does talk more about his mom and siblings. There have been pictures of Jacob with his family over the years, so he does still keep in touch with some of them at least.

Since Jacob Roloff isn't on "Little People, Big World" at all, it is hard to get updates on how he is getting along with the family.

They actually really don't mention him on the show. He used to be on it, but the second that he was old enough to make his own choice Jacob decided that it was time to move on and didn't want to sign the contract.

It doesn't sound like Jacob Roloff will ever go back to reality television, but the fans will hopefully continue to get updates from him. Don't miss new episodes of "Little People, Big World" when they air on TLC.