The places to buy Comic Books is getting fewer and fewer. Where there used to be comic book shops in every town, that has dwindled to select locations. While stores like Barnes & Noble still sells comic books, their selection is not as optimal as some fans might want. One of the best places to buy comic books was Hastings, but they filed bankruptcy and closed their doors in 2017, talking away another place for fans to buy comics. The good news is that Comic Book reported James Parker, the former head of Hastings' comic and collectibles division is now with GameStop and is bringing comics to the video game retailer.

When can fans find comics at GameStop?

There are some GameStop locations where fans can already buy comic books. According to the report, there are already some issues of comics in the GameStop system for sale -- mostly Marvel Comics and DC Comics.

According to James Parker, GameStop will test the comic book market in 20 GameStop stores and 20 ThinkGeek stores. The retailer started selling collectibles recently and the results were "stellar." He said that the partnership with Diamond (one of the largest comic book distributor in the world) will use the old-school spinner racks.

GameStop will focus on key series and titles, so comic book collectors won't find anything unique there, but this seems to be similar to the old days where kids could go into a convenience store and buy comics from off the racks.

It could be a huge way to get kids interested in comic books again.

What this means for comic book fans and creators

Jimmy Palmiotti -- the man who is responsible for writing "Painkiller Jane" and "Harley Quinn" and helped create the Marvel Knights line -- has responded to the news and seems excited. He said that GameStop will get their comics to sell from a deal with Diamond, which means they are not returnable and that is good for creators.

There are still some places to buy comic books. Some of the Hastings stores became Entertainmart or Vintage Stock and they both offer comic books.

However, when it comes to GameStop -- since there are stores in malls all over the United States -- this is a great chance to get comics for readers (not collectors) again and maybe help increase the sales of comics once again as well.

Parker said that the collectibles at GameStop sell very well and many of those are comic book related. This is just the next step and they will roll out to more GameStop stores in the future if their 20-store test run is successful.