The latest updates and spoilers for "Spider-Man: Homecoming 2" reveal three new characters and the possibility of Peter Parker appearing in Sony's "Venom" spin-off. The Hashtag Show reported that the studio is looking to cast three actors and actresses to play high school students that will join Peter's latest adventure in the sequel.

"Venom" film director Rueben Fleischer comments about whether Tom Holland's Spidey will appear in Eddie Brock's world during his interview with Empire (via Screen Rant) and how this will affect the anti-villains status in the Marvel universe moving forward to future sequels.

New high school students in 'Spider-Man: Homecoming 2'

According to the Hashtag Show, three new high school students will join Peter Parker and his friends in "Spider-Man: Homecoming 2." Unfortunately, the website gave only a little information about them and they might likely be just supporting characters in the sequel. The first cast member is a gender non-conforming student with ethnicity, while the second character is an actress, who can do character acting or comedy. The last cast member is named "Jason" and he is described as a "charming and insanely likable" person.

Reddit username AHarbingerOfStuff claimed that Peter Parker and his friends will go on a trip to London sponsored by Stark Industries.

Peter will try to cope with the things that happened to him during "Avengers: Infinity War" and "Avengers 4," and possible demise of Tony Stark after their battle with Thanos.

During the London tour, Peter will encounter Quintin Beck (a.k.a. Mysterio), who is trying to steal a new invention that Tony made for his company. Spidey tries to stop him with the help of MI6 agent Jessica Drew.

Peter will also encounter Alistair Smythe as a rival of sorts, and Adrian Toomes and Mac Gargan will return to the sequel.

Peter Parker cameo in 'Venom' spin-off

According to Screen Rant, director Rueben Fleischer gave a very vague answer about rumors about Peter Parker's cameo in the "Venom" spin-off film. "This feels very much like Venom's movie.

It's introduction of the character," Fleischer told Empire. " As to where it will go in the future Movies, and who he'll run across, I can't say." While Fleischer did not confirm or deny the rumors about Spider-Man's appearance, he wanted to make sure that Eddie Brock is the star of his movie, and he wants to give the audiences and Marvel fans a Venom that they will appreciate in the end.