"Queen Sugar's' Bordelon family continues to move forward while celebrating a very special day through the use of a bonfire and other special events. The latest episode was titled "No Haven in My Shadow" and Ernest Bordelon was very much a part of the story, Vulture noted.

Vi tells Charley she made an appointment for Prosper to go to his appointment, and that she needs her to take him since she can't. Charley says she has work but Aunt Vi isn't having it.

Charley seeks info and helps Prosper

She suggests Nova do it, but Vi responds that she's getting ready for their father's celebration ceremony.

She'd know that if they were still talking to one another. After the conversation, Charley tries to write a letter to her father about how her life has been since he's passed, but balls it up instead. Later on, Charley's source continues to get dirt on everyone involved with Sam Landry. Colton Landry, Sam's son and one of the biggest shareholders, is a "family man" with a side chick, but so far there has been no evidence on him that would help bring down the family.

While preparing to take Prosper to his appointment, Charley notices photos of him and his father when they were younger and played music together.

She notes that he's stalling going to his appointment, but lets him avoid it for a little longer as he requests. The two have a chat about how much they miss Ernest. After their talk, the middle Bordelon child decides to reschedule Prosper's appointment to tomorrow.

The next day arrives, and on their way to the car, he informs Charley that he left his jacket on the chair.

She goes back to get it and sees another picture of him and Ernest from when they were young. Not only that, but she discovers that Prosper has received a 30-day notice to be gone from the land, by Sam Landry.

At the hospital, Charley brings up his eviction and thought that he owned the land.

His land lease was cut and Sam Landry let them stay on the farm regardless. As the doctor calls Prosper in for his appointment, Charley notices that it's Romero, the man who got her number a couple episodes ago. She apologizes for not calling, but things have been crazy. He tells her that if things ever get less crazy, then he'll be available for her.

Charley confronts Jacob Boudreaux and questions why the EPA is wanting people to be kicked off their land. Boudreaux argues that they're all victims in this due to the environmental damage that was done during the hurricane from the previous year.

Charley tells him how close she is to Prosper, and that something needs to be done about this. Jacob cooly reminds her that she is now a part of this as well and that they need to have an in-depth conversation about everything. At the bonfire, Charley's letter simply states that she'll take care of everything.

Nova struggles with writer's block and has a moment with Remy

Nova continues to work hard for her next book when she calls Aunt Vi for some advice. What's her book supposed to be about? Violet, being so busy with her pies, gives Nova some positive vibes to get her to overcome her writer's block, but that's it.

Nova and Remy run into each other on the farm momentarily as they talk about Ernest and how much Ralph Angel looks like him. Later on, she sees him again as he teaches several students about black farmers and how much land they own. He brings Nova into the lesson by bringing up her father and how they continue his tradition of owning and maintaining his land. Nova asks how many of them want to be farmers, and they all raise their hands. Nova tells Remy that he is a good teacher, and he smirks.

Later on, Nova brings Remy a relic of the past. It's an old fishing line from when she and her father used to fish every week.

She recalls a story about how he went to get bait from a store and got attacked by three white men. It was the last day they went fishing together. Remy's sorry that she went through such a traumatic experience, and Nova says she is too. After the bonfire, Nova seems to have had more inspiration to push forward with her book.

Ralph Angel and Darla come face to face

Blue catches Darla up on all the things that have happened since she's been away while Ralph Angel awkwardly sits in the room. When he leaves, the two finally talk. Darla reveals she's staying, and he ex-fiancé feels like that'll be easier said than done. Darla says that as long as Blue is here, then so is she. They talk about their son's bed-wetting and Ernest's upcoming celebration of life.

Ralph Angel asks Darla why she didn't inform him that she was coming, but she responds that he blew her off at every turn. The family has dinner together, and the two ultimately acknowledge that things have changed permanently.

The next day, Blue asks his father and aunt Nova about his grandma Trudy. They reveal that she got sick and passed away (but don't specify the illness) and that they miss her every day. Blue says in his letter he thanked his grandpa Ernest for bringing his mama home as he missed her every day too. At the bonfire, Blue states that he misses his papa every day and that it's time to put their personal messages into the bonfire so they can burn and go up to Heaven.

Hollywood wants to help Vi

As Violet works in the kitchen of the church, Sister Effy comes in and tells her she has to leave. Vi says she has one more hour, but Effy doesn't care (even after reminding the Churchgoing woman that she's writing checks for her church). Later on, Hollywood tells his fiancée that she needs a better way to transport all her pies and that some of them look squashed.

Hollywood suggests fixing up an old delivery truck that his friend told him about, but Violet tells him that it isn't necessary. She started the business herself, and that's how she wants to keep it. She doesn't want to owe anyone anything. Hollywood seems offended by the remark. Even more so, when Vi reminds him that her abusive ex-husband was the one who bought this house, and he held it over her head every chance he got.

Wood tells Vi that he's the farthest thing from Jimmy and that he simply doesn't want her to be like Ernest where she works herself to death.

At the bonfire to celebrate her brother, Violet speaks about how Ernest would always make her feel better when she was feeling down. Afterward, she tells Hollywood that she'll take him up on his offer to get her a delivery truck. She's starting to realize that accepting help isn't so bad after all.

Micah's stunned by Davis's revelation

Davis and Charley make awkward small talk as he waits for Micah to come downstairs. It looks as if Davis wants to tell her something, but doesn't.

At the arcade, Davis gets a phone call and quickly excuses himself. After a day at the arcade, Davis gets candid with his son. Ernest meant a lot more to him than anyone thought. He came to his games, offered him advice on life, and was just an all-around great father figure to him, even more so than his own dad.

Micah finally realizes something is wrong, and that's when Davis comes clean: Micah has a half-sister, his daughter. Her name is Tia. She is a 13-year-old whose mother has recently passed away. Micah asks Davis if he knew about her the whole time, and he says "yes." He asks if his mom knows, and when his father says no, Micah exits the car and walks away. After the bonfire, Micah looks at a video of him and his parents as he still reels from his father's revelation.

'Queen Sugar': final thoughts

Tonight's episode kept the fallen Bordelon Patriarch at the center of everything as the family paid tribute to him and also used this time of grieving and healing to slowly but surely move forward in their lives. Revelations such as Davis's daughter were revealed, and the seeds were planted for a potential Remy/Nova relationship. It was a strong, character-driven episode that is one of the strongest episodes of the season so far. On Oprah.com, creator Kat Candler also talks about incorporating a Louisiana tradition into the storyline (the bonfire), which was realistically done and one of the most memorable parts of the episode.

Deadline revealed last week, that Ralph Angel's involvement with his Vietnamese coworkers will continue to develop as the season goes on, so that is something to keep an eye on. "Queen Sugar" comes on OWN.