Warner Bros. TV will definitely have a presence at the upcoming San Diego Comic-Con event. Reportedly, the company may have a total of 15 shows they'll present during the schedule. That will include several fan favorites like "The Flash" and "Arrow," as well as a few new shows for fans to check out that attend Comic-Con. These newer shows may have presentations with new footage or even pilot episodes for fans to screen.

'Flash' & 'Arrow' panels will be there

It's hard to argue against "Arrow" and "The Flash" as two of Warner Bros.' biggest hits on the CW thus far.

Both have completed multiple seasons on the network. "The Flash" just finished the fourth season in May, while "Arrow" completed a sixth season. Due to their popularity, it's a no-brainer that the casts associated with these shows, and two other popular DC-based superhero shows, will be on hand at the 2018 Comic-Con.

Comic book reported that "Arrowverse" panels will begin on Saturday, July 21 in Ballroom 20. That starts off with "Supergirl" at 3:30 PM local time and is followed by "Arrow" at 4:15 PM local time. "Legends of Tomorrow" takes the stage at 5 PM., while the 5:45 PM slot goes to "The Flash." That gives fans of those particular shows plenty to digest in just over a two-hour time span.

Other shows presenting

In addition to shows like those mentioned, there's also "Supernatural," "The 100" and a new show coming to NBC called "Manifest." Warner Bros. will show the pilot episode for that new show on the first day of their presentations which is Wednesday, July 18. Right after that, they'll present a screening of "The 100," followed by the "Freedom Fighters: The Ray" season two world premiere.

That animated show will be featured on CW Seed. All of the presentations mentioned above will take place in Ballroom 20.

Friday, July 20 is when Warner Bros. will officially begin their panels.

"Young Justice: Outsiders" is a show arriving on the DC Universe's streaming service. The producers and cast will be part of a panel at 10 AM in room 6DE. There will also be a first look at new footage for the show at that time.

The same room will host a 12:30 panel and video presentation for the "DC Super Hero Girls." Just 15 minutes later, Ballroom 20 hosts a "Castle Rock" panel and presentation. That new show will be on the Hulu streaming service and is based on works by author Stephen King. The panel will feature actors Sissy Spacek, Bill Skarsgard, and Jane Levy, as well as the show's creators.

It's hard to forget about "Krypton," even if Superman wants to.

They will have a panel on Saturday in the Indigo Ballroom at noon. The cast and crew will be on hand to help unveil a preview of the next season of the show exploring Superman's planet and past.

'Arrowverse' & Warner Bros.' final day

As mentioned, "Arrowverse" presentations take place on Saturday, spanning from 3:30 PM until 5:45 PM or so. Sunday, July 22 will be the wrap up for Warner Bros. as "Supernatural" presents at 10:30 AM and "Riverdale" presents at 11:45 AM in Hall H. "Supernatural" finished season 13 in May, while "Riverdale" finished its second season.

All of that makes for a busy time for Warner Bros. TV, as it also adds to possible presentations for upcoming movies. One has to wonder if there will be any surprise reveals for the "Wonder Woman" sequel or perhaps an "Aquaman" trailer.